Lieutenant Colonel by Rick Shelley (Dirigent 5)

Lon Nolan just spent a five months on Earth as a spy before returning to his wife and two children. Back on home he gets a surprise promotion when his battalion commander retire. Lt Colonel Lon Nolan takes command of the battalion.

The Colonial Mining Cartel are back raiding on Bancroft again. And this time Governor Sosa wants to hire a substantial force to throw them out. Under the command of Lon Nolan of course. There are some concerns on the regimental staff that Earth might retaliate at Dirigent for helping Bancroft again. Lon have only spent a few weeks at home after being gone for six months and his unit is not in line for a mission yet, but the customer is always right.

I feel more and more thet it was a great pity Rick Shelley died in 2001. With the rate he is improving in these books he could have been one of the great Military SF authors.