Lost Girl 1.02 [TV Review]

“We don’t kill where we shop.”

Kenzi and Bo are making up the rules as they move along. The Fae rumor mill is already sending her clients and she haven’t even started anything yet. Just fixing the old crack shack a bit.

Call me Will is an overweight Will-o-wisp who spreads green fires around him like farts. He lost his treasure and wants Bo to help him find it. Bo agrees to help him for information about her past. He once saw a woman running through the woods with a baby that had the same birthmark as Bo.

I thought we were going to meet the little people, the Wee Fae but he is quite the opposite. Bo is charming but ruthless when she uses her charm to get Dyson to help her. She and Kenzi have a little run in with a shotgun and a few headless Fae killers before they can set things right.

Dyson also takes Bo to a Fae Bar, neutral ground to get a bit of Fae education and to meet Trick the local registrar. I think he was the guy that got the Council to let Bo live. There is some kind of legend or prophesy concerning the one, who Bo might be.

The little taks with Trick was entertaining and he had the whole Hobbit down. “Early Tolkien” – “Where do you think he got it from”.

Bo really doesn’t like being interrupted when she is feeding, but Kenzi saved that woman’s life. Bo is really awesome when she is charged, the dialog is snappy and the story was funny, twisted and a bit thrilling.  Kenzi is a wonderful sidekick.

Bo explores her love interests in this episode with a visit to Dr. Lauren who helps her out on the sly but wants her to join the light side. Bo shows more emotion and seems to have more fun when it comes to Lauren than with Dyson. But that might be just me. She and Dyson do the business of sexual healing.

I am hooked on Lost Girl and I am happy I got some uncomplicated carefree action to watch on Sundays. Good work Showcase.

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