Lost Girl 1.04 – Faetal Attraction [TV Review]

If you haven’t started watching Lost Girl already you are losing out. It is fun, it is witty and it is sexy in a non HBO way.

In this episode Kenzi sets out to make Bo forget all about Dyson banging that barmaid last week. They get pissing drunk and Bo end up having a Faetroi. Then the wife of the troi returns. She is a Fury and she wants a human having an affair with her husband killed. She can’t do it herself since she belongs to the Light. Bo refuses and chooses to protect the human from the Fury with unexpected headless results.

It’s an entertaining dance Bo and Dyson are making, like moth around an energy lamp. The human doctor is just window dressing at the moment.

Kenzi is just brilliant. She is wonderfully funny and talented. The whole cast is but I love Kenzi. This time she fools around with a sword and her rebound treatment is pure Kenzi.

They keep teasing a greater purpose for Bo but they have only four more episodes to show us the money.

Next episode is Zombie time! Bo helps a Fae booker that is getting ripped off by a dead human. The trailer looks great.

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  • Kanin

    Oh, good. I was waiting for the review. Which is very… how can I say? Bullseye. This episode let me a little bit disappointed, even though I really enjoyed it. It lacked something, I cannot put my finger on. Too bad Canada had to celebrate Thanksgiving this Sunday (translation: thanking to the natives because they let themselves killed and discriminated in the name of white men “civilisation”), we’ll have to wait till next week for another episode. Hopefully as good as the previous, maybe even better and hopefully with some more Dyson in it. Eventually without the shirt on (I know, I know, I am hopeless!).

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