Lost Girl 1.05 [TV Review]

Sex with Bo is getting a bit draining on Dyson but they continue to dance the dance they do. The way Kenzi starts dissing Dyson for letting Bo down is utterly charming. Kenzi stands by Bo in any weather. She reminds me a bit of Xena’s sidekick but with a crazy freshness added. I have to fight an urge of making every review of Lost Girl about Kenzi. She is the sidekick for gods sake. Kenzi always have a gimmick in every episode, this time it was her hairdo (not on the picture) a very manga looking one. And she makes these short cute dances, utterly charming.

One of many high points in this episode is when Kenzi is interviewing the lady with the alleged demon possessed cat and get stood up by Bo who is being kidnapped by the Dark-Fae Mayer. In the end the client gives up in disgust.

Mayer is a Luck-Fae, feeding of peoples luck. He dingles an absolutely outrageous girly oracle with answers about Bo’s past in front of her to get her help. He has been robbed by a human! That should not be possible.

Kenzi is a bit miffed with Bo when she returns but but not overly so. They shang-hai Dyson to track the guy down only to walk into a funeral. The guy has been dead since long before the win. Roger wasn’t unlucky, he was a bloody miracle is Kenzi’s comment.

That’s when we learn about the Body Jumpers (Hsien) and Dyson takes her to meet one of them. He is a Light-Fae so he is in a program. 12 steps, thou shall not wear thy neighbor.

Lucas the Evil Body Jumper is in town and they track him down to a back room poker game where Bo is assailed by a creepy Frost Giant but Kenzi saves her.

Another entertaining part is when Slam – Slam, seen any movies lately? Did my troll get out? Dylan continuing doing Bo is quite obvious to Trick, who wasn’t supposed to know. Team Dyson is on again and they save the day.

Bo gets her time with the oracle and learn that her mother is alive and will be coming to town, in the next three episodes one assume. Her mother used to be a prisoner betrayed by the one she loved the most but escaped. The Oracle stops, shocked like: You are a major player. Fate got major plans for you.

Wonderful episode, the dialog is really good, and the oriental, manga stylish outrageous aspects certainly has appeal. Am I the only one who thought of Sailor Moon after seeing this?