Lost Girl 1.06 [TV Review]

Bo is ready to test her control outside the lab tonight. But Bo on a date/test dinner with Doctor Lauren, what could possible go wrong? They do make holding hands look hot. Then Bo decides to sleep on it out of fear of killing the doctor. Kenzi goes short red and is a bit short on Lauren. Is she rooting for Team Dyson?

The next day they accompany Lauren on a visit to a sick Fae who feeds on human corpses. Kenzi eats the foot soup before they have a chance to tell her it can be something wrong with the food beside the human foot in it.

Dyson helps Bo track down the corpse’s origin. Some guy tries to jump them at the dead man’s house. Then Kenzi have a ‘little’ Eye-blood like the sick Fae (in yet another hairstyle). The Iron & Chain bikers are short work for Bo and Dyson. Bo infiltrates the chemical company that hired the thugs and Lauren goes undercover as an inspector. Some semi hot interactions follow.

Meanwhile Dyson and Kenzi have their own little side show in a cemetery before he takes her to Trick. They have an emotional talk about Bo. Kenzi is quite sick. Will I wake up in Narnia? Trick has a very special chain once used to chain Fenris and he trades it for a claw that counteracts part of the infection. Trick becomes more involved this episode, he is an interesting character. What was that equipment that Kenzi found? I don’t use that any more, he tells her. He and Dyson have their own agenda. Dyson doesn’t take orders from the Ash, but he (the Ash) is not supposed to know that. Who are Trick and Dyson taking their orders from?

Bo and Lauren break in to the lab and finds a tank with a semi alive Basilisk! A tissue sample is enough for Lauren to create an antidote for Kenzi. I am Hungry! Any special requests? asks Trick. No more feet!

Oh Bo! Oh Dyson! After managing the test with one of the guards she is ready to have sex with humans again. That doesn’t go down well with Dyson. They are equally responsible for messing up their relation even further. Frustrating yet entertaining to watch.

Good episode where both Lauren and Trick came alive and feels more as part of the core team now. Kenzi wasn’t a bundle of joy as she use to be but it is good to know she can play sad and miserable too. I don’t think we have gotten any good hint on what Dyson and Trick are up to beside it involves Bo? Do you have any good theory you want to share?

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  • Kanin

    In one of the interviews, Kristen revealed about Dyson this: “He is an old wolf warrior, loial to kis king who kind of try to resurface”. Together with the discussion between Trick and Dyson in the first episode and the observation Trick made regarding Dyson, Ash and who takes order from whom, my theory is that there is a king somewhere, maybe in a kind of exile (or smth similar) and there be a return (or something similar) and there comes the moment when Bo will have a role to play. Dyson tells to Trick in that first episode discussion “You can change the faith”, that makes me think that Trick has some very special powers. I believe there is some kind of prophecy, because otherwise I can not understand neither the meaning of that discussion nor the vission that oracle-Duracell-bunny had about Bo.

    If you pay attention to the dialogues, they are smartly manipulated. They throw things at us, in very small amounts, quite well camouflaged. One can put them one and one together and make any kind theory out of it. I tried, at least.

    I loved the interraction between Dyson, Trick and Kenzi. Especially the scenes between Dyson and Kenzi – they were so full of tenderness, sadness and bitter-sweey dramatism. Proved Trick having actually a heart, I loved the scen he gaves the chain of Fenris (should it not have been a thread?) just to make her live till Bo and Lauren came with an antidote or supplying her with food.

    Am I the only one who finds strange the “attraction” betwen Boand Lauren? Don’t misundertand, I am not one of those persons disturbed by these kind of scenes, I just believe they do not have any chemistry and I find Lauren a little bit… forced as a character.

    The issue with the Basilisk was a little superficial treated. Why was there? Why was the fae poissoned? Did anyone know about the fae world? And, besides that, why did not lauren die when she looked in the eyes of it? Never mind, they will find an explanation further.

  • Interesting facts on Dyson there, that would explain a lot but open up a lot of new questions too.

    I was thinking the same about that basilisk, maybe it was blind?

  • Kanin

    In every single episode, when Trick appears, there is a small detail that’s let out, in the open. Sometimes a simply allusion, sometimes there is a very short discussion, absolutely misterious and which can be easily interpreted in various ways. I like this mistery aura, makes the sow much more interesting than it actually looks. Personally I just can wait to see the story behind Dyson and the fae society, it will be either a huge revealing or a big fiasco. I don’t believe in the last alternative, but … who knows? I hope from the bottom of my heart they will not cancel this show, too.

    As per the Basilisk, I’ll ask again: who knows? Maybe it was a hickup of the writter, maybe they did not want to stick to the legend, maybe she did not look exectly in his eyes or it was to sedated to be able to use it’s powers. That’s why I said that probably they will invent some explanation. Or just let the issue “die”.

  • Andreea69us

    makes the show… look exactly…

    Sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I write too fast and I don’t have the patience to check

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