Lost Girl 1.07 – Itsy-Bitsy Spider … [TV Review]

I just watched the latest Lost Girl episode and it amuses me that Kenzi always changes hairstyle so many times. I think this is the first time we have seen her blond. Poor Kenzi she is just helping this super chipper real estate woman cleanse a house after a murder suicide as a fake shaman when she picks up an itsy-bitsy little spider in her hand bag. There seems to have been a series of murder suicides in the wake of this spider, something that is tingling in Dyson’s spider sense unbeknownst to the two dear psychotic-to-be roommates. A little bickering over cleanliness can so easily turn into an axe murder as the spider feeds on their angst.

There were many things I liked with this episode, not least the interaction between Bo and Kenzi. Especially comments before they get bitten by the spider. Kenzi is trying to bring her flirt on Pete the pizza delivery boy but he confesses his love for Bo after a glance. I wish I had man slaves to do my bidding! Kenzi say when they ‘fight’ over cleaning. And somewhat later Bo says ‘I am picky not psychotic’. It was a nice touch.

‘Nobody kills my best friend but me’ comes a bit after the fact.

Lauren is stepping out of the background into the light this episode. There is a lot of focus on her and her and Dyson’s dislike for each other. The whole love triangle thing already feels a bit old but I keep telling myself that it’s more to it than that. I am pretty sure by now that Dyson and Trick suspect something significant about Bo something foretold or lost. The question is does Lauren know too? She isn’t totally meek and pure; she can be ruthless as she proves when she sets Bo and Kenzi in quarantine ready to burn their house down. More things are afoot than might be obvious at a glance if I am right.

Next episode might shred some more light on Bo’s past as she comes across someone who might know something about it during a case.