Lost Girl 1.08 [TV Review]

Bo stumbles down the corridor in high heels and in pain while Dyson punch a bag. This episode starts and end darker than before. Bo need sexual healing but Dyson tells her he is busy! This was the last time, for your own good he tells her.

This is the first episode I have seen Kenzi in the same hair throughout it, blond, long and curly. Kenzi’s contribution this week is mainly rooting for team Dyson and saving the world from robot hookers!

Time to pick a team Bo! That what they all want, Light & Dark, Dyson & Lauren. Bo is rather cold this episode, she is rather ruthless and fed up with the whole situation. The whole change feels a bit sudden for me like they missed the episode that pissed her off? I did not like the Bo I saw at the beginning.

She is getting some information from Siegfried, the vamp or short fat and fanged as Kenzi calls him. He leads her to a woman on death row said to have information on Bo’s mother, which she denies when Bo and Kenzi con their way into the prison.

Meanwhile a mean mind controlling Fae kills Siegfried for betraying the Family business.

They also try to kill Bo but she kills her assailant frying her with electricity. Smells like fried bitch!

A big part of this episode is Lauren and Bo’s relationship that goes from interested, to steamy to betrayed in one episode. The Light Fae’s wants to avoid war with the darks so Ash, their leader orders Lauren to distract Bo while the Dark evacuate the dark Fae killer, which of course Bo finds out after having sex with Lauren. “You are in my bed, because he told you to.” “Don’t forget your dog caller.” Bo says harshly handing Lauren’s Light Fae necklace back.

Trick is really going the extra mile for Bo. She gets her own Witchblade. This one is made of unicorn horn and protects the user from mind control among other things. That woman on death row, she was mind controlled to kill her own children. Bo seeks out the real killer while the woman is being executed. She only wanted to live a normal life with a human and they punished her for it.

Bo is about to force the truth out of the guy when Dyson shows up and stops her, letting the guy go. It could be that she was about to kill him and the Dark Fae would not stop at anything to kill her in revenge then. He talks her down. They were only trying to trick you. Nobody knows anything about your mother.

Trick saved the condemned woman covertly. He shows up in the morgue – “We need to talk”.

There is Light and there is Dark and then there is Trick, curious.

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