Lost Girl 1.09 [TV Review]

Bo and Kenzi are two of my favorite character on television at the moment and it’s not only because they are so gorgeous and talented. They are but they are two strong female leads who represent a positive camaraderie that is becoming rare in new genre shows. It is a pity Lost Girl hasn’t been picked up by more networks, it deserves a wider audience. Showcase has shown they believe in it and has renewed it for a second season with four episodes to go this season.

Wow what an episode, some great revelations there at the end. I assume you don’t mind spoilers.

Bo is having trouble sleeping so she works out with her sword instead. I guess it’s natural for her to resort to cold metal now when she and Dyson isn’t. But you got to watch it Bo, you almost impaled Kenzi. I know she walked in with sunglasses on so she didn’t see you very well, but I had mornings like that too. Kenzi is back to the long black anime style hair.

Kenzi is a real good friend when Bo wants to go for a drink at Tricks bar. They are a bit surprised at the festivities. It is Fae day, the one day every year that dark and light Fae can meet, dance and fornicate as Trick explains to the two inquiring ladies. They celebrate the sacrifice the Blood King made a thousand years ago forging the rules the Fae live after to this day. You should maybe not hire Banshees to play at your party Trick, this one puts down her harp and wails, a sure sign that someone present will die.

Dyson is on his one free day of the year; don’t people in Canada have vacation? The Fae should start a union, that’s just wrong. Anyway he offer Bo up for finding and forcing the Banshee to reveal who it is that is going to die and himself to explain it to her. That’s not so particularly gentlemanery of him considering what she had to do to the poor girl to get her to talk.

Before they leave the bar Dyson have a private talk with Trick and they know who Bo’s mother is! That was surprising and a little disturbing.

Kenzi starts a death pool and to no big surprise starts to chat up the equally young but doomed man the Banshee wailed for. Realizing he is about to die he wants to reconcile with his brother who turned dark Fae and he wants Bo to help him do it.

Kenzi is odd and special and the guy is good with money as is his brother. They have this Cain and Abel kind of relationship based on something that happened when they where kids. The brother sends  a goblin after him but Bo and Dyson saves him from the attack. Giving Bo a book about the Fae is like loaning a gun to a kid. Bo invokes an old tradition forcing the brothers to sit down in peace talks not knowing she forfeits her life if the talks fail. Dyson takes the role of the Claymore, the one responsible for killing Bo if the talks fail. But it works out well in the end, except …

Dyson tells Trick, You could save her. Does that mean he is the Blood King? The ending is very surprising and emotional ending

Dyson tell Trick when they sit alone sipping wine, Bo didn’t crumble…

He replies would you have killed her? Then they drink to the Blood King and Trick tells Dyson “Please don’t call me that”. Trick is the Blood King!  Does that mean Bo is his relative?

Wow, again. My head is spinning, only four more episodes to the season finale.

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