Lost Girl 1.11 – Faetal Justice [TV Review]

Things get a bit dicey on this week’s Lost Girl when Dyson wakes up in an alley covered in blood next to a dead dark Fae he was seen threatening earlier the same night. He claim Sanctuary in Trick’s bar, and it is granted. The girls are there after a very ambitious looking but failed attempt at cooking. Bo immediately jumps to his help. Trouble is that he can’t remember anything from the night before.

She and Kenzi visit the club, Carpe Noctem where it all happened. It is owned and operated by none other than Vex, the dark Fae that tried to kill her a few episodes back. Unfortunately she can’t borrow the ‘witchblade’ again from Trick; the Light Fae confiscated it after last time! That is so sad; it was such an awesome weapon, made of a unicorn horn. Anyway there were only three witnesses to what Dyson said to the murdered guy, the bartender, a human girl and Vex.

Bo dash back and forth between the people involved, confronts Vex, interrogates the girl, fends of Morgan the dark Fae mistress and watches a showdown with Ash the Light Fae leader before she finds the clues she need. Trick does not have much regards for Ash either, there is a major disagreement brewing there. I wonder if Ash knows who Trick is.

We learned some interesting things beside the plot here. Dyson was a Stone Warrior for a couple of hundred years, whatever that is. At least I think that is what they said. Bo is starting to relate to Dyson as her boyfriend even if she has not used that particular word yet.

Lost Girl is doing great, I just love the characters and the plot is going places. Only two more episodes left on this season (It has been renewed).

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