Lost Girl 1.03 [TV Review]

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Bo wakes up the first time ever after sex  with her partner alive as this episode starts. Dyson is a trooper. Kenzi you dirty mind you enjoy that way to much, she is doing a victory dance when she discovers that Dyson slept over. I am just surprised Sexual Healing doesn’t come up, the son that is.

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They kick off their investigative business and their first case is about a lost girl Gina. Kenzi the goth girl has to go undercover at a College fraternity, Kappa. She is not happy about wearing pink to say the least, it’s awfully funny tbh. Bo is a very sexy security guard at the same school.The chipper fraternity girls makes Kenzi want to kill herself and Bo’s outfit reminds me of Tomb Raider in black. The Dean is mighty suspicious and Bo uses her powers on the Dean but they are interrupted before she learns much. That was a good distraction by the way. I like it the way you can’t immediately identify the perpetrator in this show.

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I really like this new series it has its own style, it might be a bit cheesy but it is light hearted Buffy level fun. I wonder if Bo is going to hit her other love interest next week. Or is it time for the dark Fae to try to lure her in? I can’t wait.

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