Lost Girl Series Premiere [TV Review Recap]

I didn’t  have very high expectations going in with Lost Girl. Urban fantasy is a dime a dozen and the girl-with-powers-fight-supernatural-crimes thing has been done before by many with varying success on television. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The first episode starts with the dark beauty Bo rescuing the young pick pocket Kenzi from being roofied and raped. She does so by kissing the life out of the assailant. “Cool Blue smoke” came out of his mouth before he shriveled down with a big smile on his face, dead.

Bo has no idea what she is but she brings Kenzi home with her. Kenzi is quite entertaining talking all the time. She freaks a bit when she realizes the blue smoke she saw was real and Bo killed that guy to save her. Instead of trying to run away she turns to Bo. Someone apparently told her to find the toughest baddest dude and become his friend. Bo is that dude.

But Bo’s kill has not gone unnoticed. Detective Dyson and his partner is on the case and they seems to know something about what Bo is. They track her down and kidnap her in front of Kenzi. There is some weird talk about her being the ‘one’ but it is not explained.

Bo is taken to some kind of boss and as they try to get her to tell which clan she is from a real Fame Fatale looking beauty walks in on them. She doesn’t believe Bo either when she repeats that she has no family and don’t know what she is. The Doctor, Lauren examines Bo for any markings that would tell her family or clan belonging. But she doesn’t find any, but she finds Bo attractive. We learn that Bo is a succubus and that she can learn to control her powers but since she grew up all alone no one taught her how to.

Bo and her hosts are part of the Fae (Except the doctor who is an interested human) and for orders sake they are divided in two groups Dark and Light. Now when they know about her they both want her.

The both sides decide to put her trough a test after which she has to decide which group to belong to. Dyson kisses/feeds her energy before the test and his eyes shines beastly as he interrupts her. Bo is surprised, no one has interrupted her before. “The Fae is different”.

Her first opponent is a huge Conan the Barbarian guy she defeats by being quick and fighting dirty. The second opponent is a creepy guy who makes her believe she is in another place and can she please drink this tea from this friendly old guy. Bo is saved by Kenzi who used her street-smarts and family contacts to find Bo. At the last moments she shouts for Bo, waking her from the trance. Monster guy run away with burning crispy fingers when she breaks loose. “You may choose your side”. “Neither, I choose human.”

The Fae leaders discuss killing her but the short guy convinces them to let her live until they learn who hid her from them. Dyson drive Bo and Kenzi back and lay out the ground rules. Don’t leave town, don’t mix in other Fae’s affairs and don’t leave victims where humans can find them. Bo replies that she is not good at following rules before she and Kenzi walks off. He gives her his card for when she gets in trouble.

Bo and Kenzi walk home and start to plan for the future together. Kenzi also lay down some rules, she is into guys. Bo replies “I’ll  try to contain my disappointment”.

That was not shabby at all. The story telling was a bit uneven but the cast and the chemistry was great. I am so looking forward to the next episode next week. I got vibes from the cast of Dark Angel and Buffy when watching. That is good vibes for me.

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