Major by Rick Shelley (Dirigent Mercenary Corps 4)

Lon Nolan begins this book as the proud father of Angie 10 months and Lon Jr 7 years old.His family evening is disturbed by a call from Regiment, there has been a murder and Lon is called in to sit judge. The victim is a bully that threaten to rape and kill the killers sister. Lon is the only one that vote manslaughter instead of guilty and the man gets 14 years in prison. Lon is happy he didn’t have to convict him to death.

Next Lon’s company gets a three months training contract on Bancroft. The training of their police force to regular military standards goes well and the relations with the natives are fine. The outlying mining operations and villages are being raided by forces unknown. Eventually the regime decide that enough is enough and hire Lon’s company to raid the raiders straight back.

I like this book even better than the last, Lon Nolan is even more of a human in this book, It’s still not David Weber class but it’s fair and entertaining.