Mike Moscoe alias Mike Shepherd (Author)

I like Mike’s Science Fiction. He is good at bickering characters and his world building contains some spiffy concepts like smart metal ships that can reconfigure in flight.

Let me tell you about his books.


Society of Humanity

The series is prequel to the Kris Longknife novels.

  1. First Casualty
  2. Price of Peace
  3. They Also Serve

Kris Longknife (under the name Mike Shepherd)

The tale of one of those damn Longknifes. Kris joins the Navy to earn her own way as much as to get away from her relatives. And then they make her grandfather King and her a Princess. On top of that their old enemies the Peterwalds are at it again, again and again, you get the picture.

  1. Mutineer
  2. Deserter
  3. Defiant
  4. Resolute
  5. Audacious
  6. Intrepid
  7. Undaunted
  8. Redoubtable (ACE 2010)
  9. Daring (Late in 2011)
  10. Furius (2012)*

* according to Mike’s homepage, they are not out on Amazon.