Mote in God’s Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Awesome. I should really sort this under audio books. The book is fantastic. The mote aliens is believable, yet twisted and likable.

Did you know Heinlein consulted on this one?

The story teller isn’t the best I have heard, but he didn’t suck either.

This audio book thing is big business. I really hope people will continue to read themselves in a generation or two. The alure of audio is significantly larger than zero. What if people in a far future forget writing and reading and instead just talk (they might even record thoughts).

Anyway. At least audio books might get more people to enjoy literature.

This was my first iTunes audiobook, I didn’t find any on Amazon, so you might have to get a iPod or IPhone to get this one. Or get the paper one I’ve linked above.