Mothership by John Brosnan (Mothership 1)

I have sad news, John Brosnan died in 2005. He might have finished the sequel, the net is ambiguous about it (I have ordered it, it might arrive in a month or so). Edit: Not availabel December 2009.

The good in the sad is that I found Mothership wonderful. It is like a really good Dungeons and Dragons novel with a beautiful damsel in distress, flying dragons, swords minus the sorcery, a humongous generation spaceship, evil scientists and an alien invasion.

The books main character Jed is a failed jester and a coward, he is blackmailed to accompany Prince Ken (sans Barbie) on a mission to find the reason behind the Day of Wonders.

Oh, I almost forgot the background. The worlds of the solar system built the afore mentioned ship out of the moon to flee from the unstable Sun. A failed social experiment, by someone who read The Lord of The Ring too many times, forces the passengers to a medieval tech level under the oppressive rule of the Elite. Now something has happened to the Elite, their technological toys loose all power one day, and it doesn’t come back.

One of my favorite books.