Mutineer by Mike Shepherd (Kris Longknife 1)

Mike Shepard is a Pseudonym for Mike Moscoe. He’s trilogy Society of Humanity continues in the stand alone Kris Longknife series.

Kris is a young ensign in the Society of Humanity’s Navy. She isn’t just any young ensign, she is the daughter of a Prime minister of WardHaven and a descent of those Longknifes known from the history books (they are still alive though). Joining the Navy was her way to rebel against her parents.

She is confronted with the death of her little brother when her ship is called to free a kidnapped little girl. The story unfolds around her family’s history and the split of humanity into fractions as Earth and the Rim go their separate ways.

There is some spiffy technology here: Smart metal used to transform a starship from a spacious peace time ship to a compact war machine. Kris have a personal computer called Nelly made out of smart smart metal.

There are a lot of interesting characters, grandfather Trouble, Aunt Tru and more.

It’s an entertaining read. I like the plot, the world building and the characters. Ill give it a weak 4.