Neptune’s Orphans by Sarah A. Hoyt (DarkShip Thieves universe) a free novelette

After reading High Stakes by Sarah A. Hoyt (another Darkship Thieves Universe story) I ordered Darkship Thieves yesterday. Sarah has written another a little longer story that she provides free of charge at Darwin’s Evolutions – a journal of speculative fiction (homepage). 

This story is about Cas and his twin brother Pol. They are genetically breed, homo-aquaticus and fight as secret weapons in the Seacities war with the Earthworms. They live on a compound with others like them, they have to stay secret as their existence breaks agreements made. Now they are being killed by the guards. Someone wants them  all  dead.

It’s a story of genetically changed children surviving against all odds.

Read the story …

By the way, Sarah might have a thing for opening her stories with trying to assassinate the lead character in bed.