New Honorverse YA Novel based on “A Beautiful Friendship”

David Weber is one of my favorite authors and he is about to start another new series with a yet unnamed new YA novel set in the Honorverse. The new novel will be based on A Beautiful Friendship, one of the most memorable and emotional short stories in the Worlds of Honor collections (there is a new collection coming in February next year #5 In Fire Forged). It is about when the treecats make first contact with us humans.

According to David: “we’re planning an entire series which will be set a couple of hundred years earlier than Honor Harrington’s life, when the Star Kingdom of Manticore is basically Denmark — an affluent, peaceful, quiet little kingdom considerably removed from the powerbroker games of the galaxy.” it is going to be the first book in a new series.

The book was listed on Amazon when I copied this synopsis but seems to have been taken down since. David turned in the book to the publisher in April and that usually means the book will be out next spring. A post on the Honorverse forum indicate it will not be out until 2012.

Young Stephanie Harrington was intelligent and talented, with the curiosity typical of an adolescent, and after her family had emigrated to the human colony on Sphinx she wanted to explore. Of course, it was very frustrating that her father forebade her to go into the forest alone, but then she discovered something right at home. Some local wildlife had been eating the celery in the family garden, and when Stephanie lay in wait for the intruder, she encountered a six-legged cat-like creature. What’s more, the creature, known among his own kind as Climbs Quickly, was even more astonished, because he found that he could form a mental link with this strange two-legged young one.

That was the first encounter between a human and the beings who would become known as treecats. Stephanie planned to make a second contact with the treecat, but her plans went disastrously awry and she was stranded in a wilderness full of deadly predators. She could not hope to survive without help—but help was on the way, from Climbs Quickly and his tribe .

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. But it was only the beginning . . .

Good news for all Weber fans. Don’t forget Out of the Dark next month.

Source: Amazon and David’s Interviews at

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