New on TV this Month

There is only one new series of interest in August.

Sunday, August 1
Rubicon (AMC) – New Series Premiere

Monday, August 2
The Good Guys (Fox) – summer finale

Wednesday, August 3
Dark Blue (TNT) – 2nd Season premiere

Thursday, August 26
Burn Notice (USA) – Summer Finale
Royal Pains (USA) – Summer Finale

Rubicon 1.01-02 Series Premiere (AMC)

Cloak-and-dagger doings about a troubled but brilliant code-cracking intelligence analyst at a federal agency in New York City. He considers quitting until he uncovers evidence of a mysterious conspiracy.

Will Travers discovers a pattern in several crossword puzzles that he thinks is eerily linked to the death of his boss David. As Will delves into the situation further, things become more mysterious while Will decides to take over David’s position.