New & Returning TV this Week (August 23-29)

Last week

I am having a look at the upcoming Fall season. This week’s post is about Chuck Season 4. One of my favorite shows, it returns September 20 on NBC and it will be running on Mondays this season. This season is about the hunt for Chuck’s mysterious mother played by Terminator star Linda Hamilton and it looks like fun. You might also want to check out Lost Girl and The Event.

No noteworthy news for the  SFF Pilot Watch but there was some casting news for Chuck season 4 and a new poster and an interactive story for Lost Girl. Syfy Renews Eureka for a 5th Season was good news for next summer. Covert Affairs was also renewed for a second season. But that is no surprise that is an awesome show. The trailers for the upcoming season are out:  First Promo of Fringe Season 3

I keep “When is my favorite show coming back?” updated with premieres and finales for all my favorite shows. There were no updates this week.

Female Protagonist in SciFi TV this week

Chloe on Stargate Universe is one of the more controversial characters on that show (SGU) and that’s one of the reasons I chose her to represent first. There are one or two more females there I would like to follow up with later. TJ is a given but I am still figuring out if I should include Wray and Lt James, what do you think?

I think Chloe can be a great character on SGU if the writers give her half a chance. The trailer for season 2 looks promising.

Episodes Reviewed this last week

  1. Haven 1.07 – Sketchy [TV Review]
  2. Eureka 4.07 – Stoned [Review Recap]
  3. Warehouse 13 2.07 – For the Team [Short Review]
  4. True Blood 3.09 – Everything is Broken [Review Recap]
  5. The Gates 1.08 – Dog Eat Dog [Review – Recap]
  6. The Gates 1.07 – Digging the Dirt [Review Recap]

Monday, August 23

In one month’s time this will be one of my favorite weekdays. On September 20 the new conspiracy thriller The Event premieres and two of my favorites return with new seasons Chuck and Castle.

To be honest it is pretty good now to, but no genre stuff.


  • The Closer 6.06 – Jump the Gun (TNT)
  • Rizzoli & Isles 1.06 – Money for Nothing (TNT)
  • Lie to Me 2.19 – Exposed (Fox)

Tuesday, August 24

Warehouse 13 2.08 – Merge with Caution (Syfy)

Myka attends her high-school reunion while Pete enjoys some time with his girlfriend, but an artifact upsets their plans to enjoy a normal weekend, and Artie and Claudia take on a mission of their own. Spoiler [Pete and Myka fall victim to an artifact that causes them to swap bodies, but the process will soon prove fatal if not reversed.]

I have only one question. What about H. G. Wells?


I wish there was something genre about Covert Affairs because I love that show and time restrains me from writing about non genre TV shows. Auggie and Annie is awesome. Covert Affairs is my favorite new show this summer.

  • Covert Affairs 1.07 – Communication Breakdown (USA)
  • White Collar 2.07 – Prisoner’s dilemma (USA)

Memphis Beat 1.09 – I want to be Free – Season 1 finale (TNT)

I wasn’t especially thrilled with My Name is Earl but Memphis Beat is something else. Ambience, snappy dialog, quirky characters, music and police procedural in one delightful mix. It has not been renewed yet and reviews has been mixed so I am not sure it will be back but I sure hope it will.

In the Season 1 finale, Dwight explores the supposedly shady past of a man with amnesia, especially when he suspects the man may have ties to the cold-case slaying of a little girl. Meanwhile, Lt. Rice, mired in financial woes, ponders a career change.

Wednesday, August 25

I am afraid you will have to wait until September 22 for something remotely genre here. NBC’s new spy comedy Undercovers premieres then but I expect CSI-level science fiction only.


  • Psych 5.07 – Ferry Tale (USA)

Thursday, August 26

Futurama 6.11 – lrrreconcilable ndndifferences(ABC)

Lrrr has a midlife crisis after an invasion of Earth goes awry.


  • Rookie Blue 1.10 – Big Nickel (ABC).

Burn Notice 4.12 – Guilty as Charged – Summer Finale (USA)

Michael tries to find a kidnapped girl who was taken by a client of her defense-attorney father’s.

Royal Pains 2.12 – Open Up Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah – Summer Finale (USA)

A gossiping socialite needs medical treatment, but she takes off before Hank can diagnose her. Elsewhere, Divya is taken off guard by her reaction to Adam’s failing health.

Looks like there will be surprise news about their father this episode.

Friday, August 27

Eureka 4.08 – The Ex-files (Syfy)

People from their pasts haunt Carter and the gang while unknown forces attack Eureka.

Haven 1.08 – Ain’t No Sunshine (Syfy)

A local ghost story may be more than it seems as patients at a Haven clinic speak of a dark spirit that claims the lives of sick people before their time.

Sunday, August 29

The Gates makes a one week hiatus here but is back September 5.

True Blood 3.11 – Fresh Blood (HBO).

Bill tries to earn back Sookie’s trust, but ends up bringing her face-to-face with fresh dangers. Knowing he’s no physical match for the King, Eric tempts Russell with the “ultimate vampire dream.” Jason tries to wrap his head around Crystal’s revelation. Sam embraces his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; with Holly’s help, Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; post V-trip, Lafayette struggles with new demons.

This is the last episode before the season finale so I expect crazy fast pace and twisted action.


I started watching the Glades last week and it is really fun to watch. Quirky new Miami cop show with a charismatic lead.

  • The Glades 1.07 – Marriage is Murder (A&E)
  • Rubicon 1.06 – Look to the Ant (AMC)
  • Leverage 3.12 – King George Job (TNT)

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Burn Notice

Royal Pains

Rookie Blue



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