New & Returning TV this Week (August 30-September 5)

This is one of the most genre-less weeks in a long time. Only Warehouse 13, The Gates and then the 100th episode slash season six finale of Futurama. The shiny new season coming coming up in September is looking good.

Eureka & Haven takes a pause this week and are back September 10. True Blood returns September 12 with season finale, that is a must see.

Last Week

I am having a look at the upcoming Fall season. This week’s post is about Fringe Season 3. One of my favorite shows, it returns September 23 on Fox. You might also want to check out Chuck Season 4Lost Girl and The Event.

For a short brief and video see The New TV Season for Science Fiction Fans (Fall 2010)

Monday, August 30

  • The Closer 6.08 – War Zone (TNT)
  • Rizzoli & Isles 1.07 – I am your Boogie man (TNT)
  • Lie to Me 2.17 – Darkness and Light (Fox)

Tuesday, August 31

Warehouse 13 2.09 – Vendetta (Syfy)

The team seeks a murderer in Russia who is using artifacts from Artie’s past to kill, but H.G.’s offer to help complicates matters. Meanwhile, Claudia snoops into Todd’s past and uncovers some disturbing information.

  • Covert Affairs 1.08 – What is and what should never be (USA)

Wednesday, September 1

  • Psych 5.08 – Shaw 2.0 (USA)

Thursday, September 2

Futurama 6.12 – The Mutants are Revolting (Comedy Central)
Season 6 Finale and 100th Episode!

A battle for mutants’ rights pits Leela’s underground army against the surface people. The series 100th episode features an appearance by the band Devo.

  • Rookie Blue – Episode 1.11 – To Serve or Protect (ABC)

Friday, September 3

Sunday, September 5

The Gates 1.10 – Little Girl Lost (ABC)

Nick learns more about Claire and Dylan’s vampiric past after a kidnapper snatches Emily; Sarah presses Nick for details about the case; Brett deals with his relationship issues with Andie; Charlie becomes uncomfortably aware of his situation.

  • The Glades 1.08 – Honey (A&E)

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