New & Returning TV this Week (June 14-20)

True Blood’s season premiere was yesterday but I haven’t seen it yet. I am so excited. Thats on for tonight for me. Sundays will be summer TV Eldorado soon. On Sunday June 20 True Blood is joined by The Gates fore some more vampire loving. I heard both shows will feature werewolves this year. The Gates even had live wolves on set, one of the actors told on twitter how they had to take extra precautions. Sunday also premieres ABC’s new series The Scoundrels and Leverage premieres it’s 3rd season.

In the beginning of the week we have Lie to Me (FOX), The Good Guys (FOX) and Saving Grace (TNT) on Monday.

In the middle we have ABC’s Happy Town on Wednesday but I am putting that on the pile for now. I get that special summer TV feeling when I watch Burn Notice and Royal Pains on Thursday. Lighthearted action and dramady.

I will watch Gravity on Starz! on Friday because thats the only thing thats any good.

I guess the absence of much to watch on TV is Gods way of saying we should enjoy the weather.

I am pressed for time today so I had to cut this short.

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