New & Returning TV This Week (May 10-16)

Finale weeks is upon us, Supernatural’s Swan Song is here this week but don’t worry it will be back next season.  Videos is at the end.

Monday May 10

Mondays is a good screening day with Chuck, Castle, The Big Bang Theory.

Chuck (NBC) is heating up, Anna is returning to the Buy More to talk to Morgan! Ellie gets some surprising news (beside from the tiger thorn apartment?) and Chuck is in need of a shrink. Episode 3.16 – Chuck vs the Tooth looks like more Chuck fun. I wonder if anyone is pregnant? I usually don’t guess right but I got a good feeling for this one, Morgan would be a wonderful father, and I for one was sad when Anna left the show. Imagine little Morgans running around . . .

In The Plimpton Stimulation, Leonard and Sheldon compete for the attention of a famous female physicist and Sheldon have a house guest on The Big Bang Theory episode 3.21.

Two and a Half Men is back after the Charlie Sheen hiatus with I Call Him Magoo. Both brothers are going after the ‘girlfriend experience’, in slightly different ways . . .

Castle is also heating up with Castle and Demming competing for Beckett’s attention in Overkill. [video below]

Tuesday May 11

Seems all the Tuesday SciFi shows are going away, but don’t worry Syfy is bringing it back.

After an attack on Anna she announces that the V is preparing to leave, they don’t feel safe . . . Meanwhile the resistance tries to track down a scientist that might have created a weapon against the Vs in this weeks episode Fruition. The future for V looks bleak . . . then I am talking the tv series. [video below]

Lost is doing Across the Sea.

Justified is fast becoming one of my TV favorites. Raylan is assigned to guard a Judge after an attempt on his life. This particular Judge, with his strict form of justice has accumulated many enemies, which could make things tough for Raylan. [video below]

Abby is heading south of the border to give a speech with McGee in tow while the team tries to track down a serial killer on NCIS. I love Abby so I’ll tune in. [video below]

The winner in the season long competition between Alicia and Cary is announced in The Good Wife, that I got to see.

Wednesday May 12

I haven’t watched last week’s episode of Happy Town, I hope to write a review of the start of the series as I usually do after three episodes. This week Haplin is celebrates Thaw Fest while an omen soars the sky. Polly Wants a Crack at Her might refer to the aforementioned hawk/omen. The town people seems to be bent on a circle of revenge and Henley might get lucky with a mysterious [video below]

I’ll watch Mercy‘s season finale, those feisty entertaining nurses are good, hope it gets renewed.

Thursday May 13

Today is about Supernatural‘s season finale, Swan Song. This was supposed to be the ending of a five season arc and be a series finale. The Apocalypse is here and the Winchesters prepare to put the Devil back in his cage. A beloved character is going to die. I hope it isn’t one of the brothers now again, that is starting to get old. It’s mighty interesting how they will manage the end of the world into a sixth season. [video below]

Walter and Olivia travels to the other universe in the first part of the season finale of Fringe Over There. The long awaited face-off between Walter and William Bell is finally going to happen. Season Two finale continues next week. [video below]

Vampire Diaries (CW) have season finale Founder’s Day.

FlashForward still goes on my to watch pile

Friday May 14

In tonight’s Stargate Universe the crew suffers from Pain and hallucinations. When the crew suffers from vivid hallucinations that tap into their personal fears, Tamara Johansen isolates the affected from the rest and then tries to seek out the cause of the affliction as it spreads and becomes life-threatening. [video below]

A ghost Melissa thought she was helping, turns up alive and she finds herself in the middle of a revenge plot involving enemies she was unaware she had in Ghost Whisperer. I wonder what Dead Ringer has to do with that . . . not so much.

The blue blur goes on my to-watch pile, time to take a watch now after the Smallville finale.

Don’t miss Gravity.

Saturday May 15

Legend of the Seeker Unbroken [video below]

Sunday May 16

Don’t miss Treme Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me


Chuck 3.16 – Chuck vs the Tooth

The Big Bang Theory 2.23 – The Plimpton Stimulation Promo

Castle 2.23 – Overkill

V 1.11 – Fruition

Justified 1.09 – Hatless

NCIS 7.22 – Borderland

Happy Town 1.03 – Polly Wants a Crack at Her

Supernatural 5.22 – Swan Song

Stargate Universe 1.17 – Pain

Legend of the Seeker – Unbroken