New Science Fiction to Read 2010

It looks like 2010 will be a mighty interesting year, lots of good books by great authors. Here is a list of some of the books I would like to read 2010.

I hope to tease you to read the new Miles Vorkosigan novel, the new Safehold and something Pearl Harbory from David Weber, the final book in Jump 225, the continuation of Robot Wars, the new Kris Longknife, Major Ariane Kedros new adventures in Minoan space among others. Preview the covers, details are in the list below.

For books that I have read the titles will link to the articles and reviews here for your convenience. Author names are linked to my author profiles so you can find more to read. I will update this list as I read along it and update the titles to my articles.

A Mighty Fortress

(Safehold 4)
by David Weber
Release: April 2010
This is one book I’m anticipating with more curiosity than most, its only three months until release and there are no snippets, no description and no cover. What’s the matter?
According to the FAQ at David Weber’s homepage snippets (short parts) from A Mighty Fortress will be published at Eric Flint’s homepage as soon as he have time to do it. They are out since the 8th of January 2010.

(blurb from by Alistair) The new novel in the New York Times bestselling series that began with Off Armageddon Reef, By Schism Rent Asunder, and By Heresies Distressed (my review)

Young Cayleb Ahrmahk has accomplished things few people could even dream of. Not yet even thirty years old, he’s won the most crushing naval victories in human history. He’s smashed a hostile alliance of no less than five princedoms and won the hand of the beautiful young Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm. Cayleb and Sharleyan have created the Charisian Empire, the greatest naval power in the history of Safehold, and they’ve turned Charis into a place of refuge for all who treasure freedom.

Their success may prove short-lived. The Church of God Awaiting, which controls most of Safehold, has decreed their destruction. Mother Church’s entire purpose is to prevent the very things to which Charis is committed. Since the first attempt to crush the heretics failed, the Church has no choice but to adopt some of the hated Charisian innovations for themselves. Soon a mighty fleet will sail against Cayleb, destroying everything in its path.

But there are still matters about which the Church knows nothing, including Cayleb and Sharleyan’s adviser, friend, and guardian — the mystic warrior-monk named Merlin Athrawes. Merlin knows all about battles against impossible odds, because he is in fact the cybernetic avatar of a young woman named Nimue Alban, who died a thousand years before. As Nimue, Merlin saw the entire Terran Federation go down in fire and slaughter at the hands of a foe it could not defeat. He knows that Safehold is the last human planet in existence, and that the stasis the Church was created to enforce will be the human race’s death sentence if it is allowed to stand.

The juggernaut is rumbling down on Charis, but Merlin Athrawes and a handful of extraordinary human beings stand in its path. The Church is about to discover just how potent the power of human freedom truly is.

Blood & Iron

(The Robot Wars 2)
by Tony Bellantyne
Release: April 2010
This is the sequel to Twisted Metal.

From Amazon:
Appointed Commander of the Emperor’s Army of Sangrel, Wa-Ka-Mo-Do of Ko tries to establish relations between the existing robot population and the humans who have recently arrived on Yukawa. On the continent of Shull, Kavan forms the Uncertain Army and is marching to Artemis City. Upon discovery that the city’s generals have made an alliance with the humans, he retreats to Stark where he plans the eventual overthrow of Artemis and the humans. Meanwhile, Karel is heading South, hoping to be reunited with Susan, his wife. As he walks, he hears more of the stories of the robots, and begins to understand something about his place on the world of Penrose. But with limited resources and tensions growing between robot and human it’s only a matter of time before problems arise. And it’s becoming more and more apparent that the humans are a lot more powerful than the robots first expected…


(Miles 12)
by Lois McMaster Bujold
Release: November 2010
It is nothing less than a new Miles Novel! The Release date hasn’t been set yet but Lois thinks it will be late 2010, probably November. The Vorkosigan Saga is one of my favorite science fiction series. Miles is a really charming scoundrel, an interstellar spy and mercenary admiral. Welcome back Miles!

From Lois McMaster Bujold MySpace Page:
The story is an Auditorial investigation that takes place on a planet new to readers, called New Hope II or Kibou-daini.  Miles is 39, to go by the very Miles-centered series chronology we’ve been using.  The story uses three viewpoints: Miles, Roic, and a local lad named Jin.  The general mode is mystery/thriller/technological-social exploration.

Do Unto Others

by Michael Z Williamson
Release: Aug 2010
This is a sequel to Better to Beg Forgiveness… and it takes place in the Freehold universe if I remember correctly.

The Prescot family were miners. At one time, they were contracted to develop technology for a mineral rich but uninhabitable system. Gradually, all the investors shied away. Then the Prescots broke through with the technology needed to exploit entire planets, and incidentally develop domed playgrounds for the perversely rich, including indoor ski slopes and cable cars over megavolcanos, casinos and rides. Fabulera de lättaste Microgaming online-kasinon, välja maximalbonus, vars man vill, lära dig casino blog översyn å börja lirar och spöa i otroliga Microgaming internet casino! This created the economic problem of being the richest people in the universe, having more money than most governments and effectively unlimited resources.

Money is a small blessing when enemies are quite willing to spend billions for the chance at trillions. Bryan Prescot and his daughter might as well have targets painted on their backs for the thugs, kidnappers and assassins their competitors would throw at them. Bodyguards were necessary—Highly trained bodyguards who could be bought once and be utterly loyal no matter the circumstances.

The altercation comes to a head inside the domes and mines of Govannon, with their enemy desperate to do anything to save their own lives, now that the gloves are off. Caron Prescot has only six bodyguards against an army, but she has two aces in the hole: The miners are on her side, and Elke, Ripple Creek’s psychotic demolition expert, has a nuke.

The problem with Elke having a nuke is that Elke WILL use it.


(Jump 225 3)
by David Louis Edelman
Release: February 2010
I am looking forward to read the conclusion to David Louis Edelman’s epic cyberpunk-business science-fiction thriller. The series started with Infoquake (1) which I have read and like. MultiReal (2) is still on its way from U.K.

From David Louise Edelman’s homepage:
The Defense and Wellness Council is enmeshed in full-scale civil war between Len Borda and the mysterious Magan Kai Lee. Quell has escaped from prison and is stirring up rebellion in the Islands with the aid of a brash young leader named Josiah. Jara and the apprentices of the Surina/Natch MultiReal Fiefcorp still find themselves fighting off legal attacks from Margaret Surina’s unscrupulous heirs — even though MultiReal has completely vanished.

The quest for the truth will lead to the edges of civilization, from the tumultuous society of the Pacific Islands to the lawless orbital colony of 49th Heaven; and through the depths of time, from the hidden agenda of the Surina family to the real truth behind the Autonomous Revolt that devastated humanity hundreds of years ago.

Meanwhile, Natch has awakened in a windowless prison with nothing but a haze of memory to clue him in as to how he got there. He’s still receiving strange hallucinatory messages from Margaret Surina and the nature of reality is buckling all around him. When the smoke clears, Natch must make the ultimate decision — whether to save a world that has scorned and discarded him, or to save the only person he has ever loved: himself.

Guardians of Paradise

(Sidhe 3)
by Jaine Fenn
Release: September 2010
Jaine is a very promising new British writer. She immediately become one of my favorites after I read Principles of Angles and Consorts of Heaven. Jaine also goes under the name J.N. Fenn, which amazon seems to use.

Most people believe the Sidhe are long dead, exterminated centuries ago when the males of the race rose up and fought alongside the humans subjugated and enslaved by the female Sidhe. But Jarek Reen knows better: he’s discovered, the painful way, that the Sidhe are alive and well, and still screwing over humanity. They’ve already killed his sister, so he’s not surprised when he discovers an old friend and her partner are next on the Sidhe’s hitlist. He helps not only to foil the assassination attempt, but also to muddy the scene of the crime, leaving the Angels Nual and Taro sanMalia presumed dead – and free to join his crusade to expose the insidious influence of the Sidhe, and their evil plans to enslave the human race again. Their mission takes them across human-space, from utilitarian hub-points to rich, exotic planets – where they discover that a brilliant vacation spot hides some of the darkest secrets of all. And that’s when they discover how easy it is for the hunters to become the hunted . . .

From Jaine Fenn’s homepage:
The third book in the series, GUARDIANS OF PARADISE, will see characters from the first two books meeting up, and confronting the more-than human Sidhe more directly. A desire for justice and a drive to survive are all very well, but the bigger picture is more complex than our heroes have considered, and it’s largely painted in shades of grey. Then again, some secrets are so dark that genocide isn’t too great a price to pay to keep them contained.

Mission of Honor

(Honor Harrington 12)
by David Weber
Release: June 2010
David Weber is a phenomenal writer of military science fiction and Honor Harrington is his most popular series. We are many that await the resoluton of Oyster Bay, Mesa’s secret attack against Manticore. David likes to build books on famous battles, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the story in Misson of Honor was built on Pearl Harbor. With the following wrath of the Manticorian people.

( The Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven have been enemies for Honor Harrington’s entire life, and she has paid a price for the victories she’s achieved in that conflict. And now the unstoppable juggernaut of the mighty Solarian League is on a collision course with Manticore. The millions who have already died may have been only a foretaste of the billions of casualties just over the horizon, and Honor sees it coming.

She’s prepared to do anything, risk anything, to stop it, and she has a plan that may finally bring an end to the Havenite Wars and give even the Solarian League pause. But there are things not even Honor knows about. There are forces in play, hidden enemies in motion, all converging on the Star Kingdom of Manticore to crush the very life out of it, and Honor’s worst nightmares fall short of the oncoming reality.

But Manticore’s enemies may not have thought of everything after all. Because if everything Honor Harrington loves is going down to destruction, it won’t be going alone.


(Major Ariane Kedros 3)
by Laura E. Reeve
Release: July 2010
The previous books Peacekeeper (1) and Vigilante (2) have been good so I am looking forward to this one. Maybe they will explore the alien gate in this book.

Reserve Major Ariane Kedros needs a shot at redemption—and the mysterious aliens known as the Minoans need an extraordinary human pilot with a rejuv-stimulated metabolism like Ariane for a dangerous expedition to a distant solar system. But there’s a catch. the minoans have to implant their technology in Ariane’s body, and it might not be removable. Ariane is willing, but as she begins the perilous journey, there is an old enemy hiding within the exploration team who is determined to see them fail…



(Kris Longknife 8 )
by Mike Shepherd
Release: October 2010
Publisher: ACE

The Kris Longknife series is good solid military science fiction and I can’t wait on this one.

Edit: Cover Art added in June 20,2010

The Orphaned Worlds

(Humanity’s Fire 2)
by Michael Cobley
Release: April 2010

From Amazon:
Darien is no longer a lost outpost of humanity, but the prize in an intergalactic power struggle. Hegemony forces have a stranglehold over the planet and crack troops patrol its hotspots while Earth watches, passive, rendered impotent by galactic politics. But its Darien ambassador will soon become a player in a greater conflict. There is more at stake than a turf war on a newly discovered world. An ancient Uvovo temple hides access to a hyperspace prison, housing the greatest threat sentient life has ever known. Millennia ago, malignant intelligences were caged there following an apocalyptic war. And their servants work on their release. However, Darien’s guardians have not been idle, gathering resistance on the planet’s forest moon. Knowledge has been lost since great races battled in eons past, and now time is short. The galaxy will depend on the Uvovo reclaiming their past – and humanity must look to its future. For a new war is coming.

Trade of Queens

(The Merchant Princes 6)
by Charles Stross
Release: March 2010
Miriam, the world-strolling-American-other-world-princess is teaching her medieval family national economics or so.  The Family Business (1), The Hidden Family (2) , The Clan Corporate (3), Merchants War (4), The Revolution Business (5) are previous books in the series.

( A dissident faction of the Clan, the alternate universe group of families that has traded covertly with our world for a century or more, has carried nuclear devices between the worlds and exploded them in Washington, DC, killing the President of the United States. Now they will exterminate the rest of the Clan and keep Miriam alive only long enough to bear her child, the heir to the throne of their land in the Gruinmarkt world.

Mike Fleming, late of US intelligence, has just survived an attack on his life in Massachusetts and knows the worst and deepest secret: behind the horrifying plot is a faction of the US government itself, preparing for a political takeover in the aftermath of terrifying disaster. There is no safe place except, perhaps, in the third alternate world, New Britain — which has just had a revolution and a nuclear incident of its own.

Charles Stross’ Merchant Princes series reaches a spectacular climax in this sixth volume. Praised by Nobel laureate Paul Krugman as “great fun,” this is state-of-the-art, cutting-edge SF grown out of a fantastic premise.


(The Lost Fleet 6)
by Jack Campbell
Release: April 2010
Last book in the Lost fleet series, time to fight the aliens? Sequel to Relentless (5)

( Now Victorious leads the charge again — and “Black Jack” Geary is in command…

As war continues to rage between the Alliance and Syndicate Worlds, Captain “Black Jack” Geary is promoted to admiral — even though the ruling council fears he may stage a military coup. His new rank gives him the authority to negotiate with the Syndics, who have suffered tremendous losses and may finally be willing to end the war. But an even greater alien threat lurks on the far side of Syndic occupied space.

What Distant Deeps

(RCN 7)
by David Drake
Release: August 2010
Captain Daniel Leary and the formidable Adele Mundy has been strong friends so far in the series. Rumor says there will be love in the new book.  In the Stormy Red Sky had Adele more in focus than previous book. Can’t wait to read this one.

From Amazon:
Captain Daniel Leary and his friend, the spy Adele Mundy, have been in the front lines of Cinnabar’s struggle against the totalitarian Alliance. Now these galactic superpowers have signed a peace of mutual exhaustion–

But the jackals are moving in!

The Republic of Cinnabar was on the verge of collapse under the weight of taxes, casualties, and war’s disruption of trade. That the Alliance of Free Stars was in even worse condition helped only because it has made peace possible.

Years of war have been hard on Daniel and harder still on Adele, whose life outside information-gathering is a tightrope between despair and deadly violence. Their masters in the RCN and the Republic’s intelligence service have sent them to the fringes of human space to relax away from danger.

But the barbarians of the outer reaches have their own plans, plans which will bring down both Cinnabar and the Alliance. The enemies of peace include traitors, giant reptiles, and barbarian pirates whose ships can outsail even Daniel Leary’s splendid corvette, the Princess Cecile.

Unless Daniel, Adele, and their unlikely allies succeed, galactic civilization will disintegrate into blood and chaos. So they will succeed—or they’ll die trying