New Series by David Weber – Out of the Dark – Cover Art & Blurb

A new alien invasion series by David Weber. That is exciting for me. I have loved David’s writing since I picked up Mutineers’ Moon.

Title: Out of the Dark
Series: ?
Author: David Weber
Tor September 2010
Hardcover: 384 pages

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Snippets from Out of the Dark by David Weber

Earth is conquered. The Shongairi have arrived in force, and humanity’s cities lie in radioactive ruins. In mere minutes, over half the human race has died.

Now Master Sergeant Stephen Buchevsky, who thought he was being rotated home from his latest tour in Afghanistan, finds himself instead prowling the back country of the Balkans, dodging alien patrols and trying to organize the scattered survivors without getting killed.

His chances look bleak. The aliens have definitely underestimated human tenacity–but no amount of heroism can endlessly hold off overwhelming force.

Then, emerging from the mountains and forests of Eastern Europe, new allies present themselves to the ragtag human resistance. Predators, creatures of the night, human in form but inhumanly strong. Long Enemies of humanity… until now. Because now is the time to defend Earth.

Hm, sounds like we and the vampires stand alone against the alien onslaught? Built on a short story with the same name published in the anthology Warriors edited by G. R. R. Martin and Gardener Duzois published by Tor Books March 2010.

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  • Well-duh

    Been done before. With so many writers how not? But I think the C.S. Friedman treatment set a pretty high bar for Weber to leap.

    Especially since it skips the drudgery phase and goes directly to…even with vampires fighters Earth quickly submits and then looks at the aspects of underground resistance if the alien combat technology was so superior they never recognized vampires in open fighting.

    Only going to worthwhile if Weber focuses on vampires for personal story within special ops as militarily…I mean really vampires in high tech combat just shouldn’t be a significant change to mass scale situation — vampires aren’t going to harder to kill than an M1A Abrams tank.

    We will see. Sometimes David hits that magic stride of weaving personal stories into sensible combat problems and sometimes his mass media commitment results in fairly mediocre formula stuff with only a few momentary highlights at best (i.e. Safehold).

  • I’ve listened to the audio book. It’s more of an interesting satire on the Iraq war than anything. The vampires are an afterthought in the final chapter. Really, not about them at all.

  • Lmcmahon

    Hi. Enjoyed the book but why introduce vampires.
    All traffic on the net is in discrete addressed packets. If a lot of this traffic is going to the invading fleet a bit of packet sniffing would determine the packet structure and packets containing viruses and other goodies could be written by programmers and sent up along with their traffic.
    The KEWs don’t produce radioactiviy which is mentioned in the blurb.

  • Umoja

    I loved the book, but the introduction of vampires truly was one of the worst Deus Ex Machinas of all time.

  • Shanks

    Are you kidding me? Vampires?!? The increasing obsession with vampires over the recent years is getting to be ridiculous

  • It was a great read, with human characters I wanted to see succeed, aliens who were hell bent on earth’s destruction, and battle scenes I would pay to see on the big screen … until the deus ex machina vampires ending. IMHO, the humans should have gained access to the teaching machines … and because Weber explains human technology had advanced at a relatively unexpected high level when compared to the Shongarii’s past, it would stand to reason that once humanity used the Shongarii teaching machines and began to understand Shongarii technology and tactics, the humans would naturally improve upon that information at an accelerated rate, thus gaining the advantage to overcome the alien invaders. Vampires were the “solution de jour”. If the next book does deal with the invasion in the southern hemisphere, please don’t let the solution be werewolves?!

  • ice

    He cheats! Good story but ending with vampires winning is definitely cheating and ruins the whole idea!

  • Cheathamhome

    This was a good book, sure the vampires coming and saving the day kind of ruined the ending but still this is a great starting point for a good series. I cant wait for humans to take vengance on the Shongairi and be a pain to the Hegemony

  • Coffeeman

    Just finished reading the book! I literally could not put this story down in a way I have not experienced in several decades of dedicated reading. Bravo! This is what we all hope for–a real page turner. When the sons of darkness thing came on in mid-story, somewhere in the mountains of Romania, I’ll admit I groaned inwardly, but decided to suspend my disbelief a bit further. David Weber pulled this off well. This is an excellent and unexpected blend of two popular genres. My hat is in the air to David Weber.

  • Pcourterelle

    In outer space?
    That’s the solution in “Out of the Dark”?
    380 pages and Webber gives us vampires in space?

  • Anonymous

    I found the book started slowly, but I was really getting into it and I couldn’t wait to see how humanity defeated the aliens, and then vampires were introduced … *facepalm* completely ruined what had been a great read. worst. ending. ever.

  • The1freeman

    I just hope the seiries lasts for a long time  with less focus on vampires and more on the humans. I agree about the vampires bieng a spec ops type force primarily for capturing enemy vessles and fortifications. But as main charicters they are to cliched. Other than that I salute you David Weber

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  • Glarson24

    Worst. Weber Book. Evah.  I would however, buy a book by Weber about KILLING vampires / werewolves and all those that perpetuate the middle-ages myths that surround them. 

  • I read the short story last night, and everything was fine until the vampire-ex-machina arose… I am missing nothing by skipping the novel, I’m sure.

  • Mordac

    No vampires in space.  Read the book.  You are a living clishe, ever hear of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?  I spit at you, you are probably French anyway.

  • Monkey

    What the fucking hell is this? Vampires really! No! fuck the vampires. David Weber has to be the best troll in the world.

  • J5384

    Loved the book until F-ing Drakula decides to save the day. Maybe I could see the experiments to get a doomsday bug going wrong and creating some sort I’d superhuman vampire like thing, but count Dracula, really? What was wrong with the awesome human characters? Funny that he makes fun of Independence Day, but then introduces vampires…not your best ending David.

  • Tinytank14

     i bought this book without seeing anything other then David Weber’s (i am a Honorverse fan) name on it, having never even heard of it before i saw it in the bookstore. Taken outside of the fact that vampires are a popular subject these days, it’s a story i like, i hope to see a sequel. I’ve always found Vlad an interesting figure from history and hoped to see a story one day that showed him in the modern day as something other then a rampant blood-sucking antagonist that somebody has to put down.

  • Bugibhub

    If  he were french he probably would have correct “clishe” by it’s correct orthography : “cliché”. And even if I agree not to judge a book by it’s cover, what’s your point exactly about the reader’s nationality and the spiting part ? 

  • Don’t care what others have said.. Loved the book and have re-read it three times.. The addtion of the Vamps was a curve ball that was well pitched. Hopefully more to come.

  • Last I looked, a deus ex machina had to come out of nowhere. Weber had aroused my suspicions LONG before the end, and I’m sure that was his intention.

  • Dodge

    I agree.