New TV This Week November 22-28

We are getting closer to the holiday breaks now, many shows will go on hiatus soon. I don’t know what Fox is doing but it looks like they are trying to crash Fringe into the ground with these every other week airings. No Fringe this week! On top of that they will be moving it to Fridays next year.

On the slightly brighter side. Help is on the way. Chuck was taken by the Belgian, an international arms dealer who have his eyes on the Intersect. This week takes Sara, Casey and Morgan into the jungles of southeast Asia while Elie and Awesome try to decipher a secret left behind by her father in Chuck vs Phase Three. I hope that awful psych from CIA doesn’t come back.

The Event seems to be more of the same, more traitors to track down and the endless run continues in”Your World to Take”. They really has to move on, this can’t be all this show wants to be?

Stargate Universe get a Visitation and I hope by god its not by angels! Great episode last week, I hope for more of that kind of action. Those people they left at the artificial solar system comes on a visit in a shiny new shuttle. The last is what they really need now since they lost the other two.

Human Target premiered last week adding Ilse and Ames to the cast. This week it’s the widow of a man Chase killed seven years ago that needs their help while the newbies try to learn the ropes and avoid being shocked by all the testosterone in the business. The ladies are making this a better show, great dynamics already in last week, this season looks promising.

Fringe on hiatus again!

Sanctuary on Friday is about a person from Magnus dark past who returns and ‘Breach’ the Sancturay defences. Looked a bit steampunky second worldwar-ish.

The Walking Dead continues on Sunday. Rick and the gang heads for the center for disease control in Atlanta after a zombie attack in next weeks episode ‘Wildfire’. I have not watched yesterday’s episode yet, but a review will be along on Tuesday.

Lost Girl is something I am looking forward to every week. Showcase is as usual slow on releasing information about the episode but I know it is episode 11 and there are only two more episodes after this on this season. It has been renewed for a second season.