On Basilik Station by David Weber (Honor Harrington 1)

The first time I meet Honor Harrington was many years ago. In fact it wasn’t even my first contact with David Weber’s works. I started with Mutineer’s Moon and was hooked.

On Basilik Station is the first book in the Honor Harrington series. So far 11 Novels, 4 collections of short stories and 3 spin off novels in the same universe (the Honorverse). The next novel is expected early 2010 – Mission of Honor.

Honor Harrington takes command of her new ship HMS Fearless not knowing it has had its armament gutted and been replaced with a Grav lance that can crush the wedges of even capital ships. It has a drawback though, its range is not more than a stone throw in space combat.

Honor is deported to Basilik Station after the wargames that were supposed to prove the concept of the Grav lance proved that once the enemy knows about it he can avoid it. Honor did succeed once to kill a flagship SD though.

Well in the Basilik system she is confronted with a hostile crew, a former class mate that once tried to rape her – now her commander, smugglers, an alien insurgency, a plot by The Peoples Republic of Haven and much more.

I warn you, if you read it you will want to read all the rest.

Available as a Baen’s Free Library Book.