One Jump Ahead by Mark L Van Name (Jon & Lobo 1)

The planet Macken is growing a new gate for the Kelco corporation to explore. But a terrorist group called the Gardeners have kidnapped the Kelco CEOs daughter. Jon Moore is on holiday on Macken and spend most of his time talking to appliances when he is approached and hired to get her back. He is also approached by the Mayor to delay the exploitation of the Gate by one month, in return he asks for the Predator Assault Vehicle called Lobo on the town square as payment. He rescued the daughter, got a months wait and received his payment.

As they leave the planet he is approached by a Kelco representative who want an explanation how he succeeded in rescuing the daughter. Jon is the survivor of a military experiment that left him the only fully nano-enhanced human being in the galaxy. And he can’t let the secret out or he would end up a lab specimen for the rest of his life.

The story isn’t over yet, after a dishonest arms dealer tries to take Lobo from him Jon learns that the Xyxheck corporation put a bounty on his head. With his friends from the mercenary outfit SAW he kidnaps the the man responsible only to learn that he has been misled.

I won’t tell you more of the story until after you read the book.

I like Mark, he has the potential of being another favorite writer. Its a bit more humor in these than there usually are in military SF. I got to get me the other books in the series.

This book is part of a series, Jon & Lobo

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