Past Life – Series Premiere

I saw the man who killed me! Again!

Noa is a disturbed young man, he keeps reliving his past life and his parents are worried, they try everything and finally they come  to Dr Kate McGinn, a specialist in regression. Kate decide to research Noa’s past life and the murder he remembers. Price Whatley is a recently hired detective, he is clearly skeptic to the proceedings.

Kate assisted by Price set out to find more clues by getting Noa to remember his past life, barking dogs set him off, water sets him off, the poor kid is a mess. Being a teenager boy is hard enough having a past life abused girl inside is just crash and burn baby.

There are some gaps in the reasoning you can drive a truck through though. It feels like they cut some scenes out. What is really funny is when they start connecting the dots and contact people and tell them they are past life specialists. Officials tend to overreact when they do. Price wants them to  lie so he can use his NYPD techniques, Kate feels the only way to threat skeptics is to rip the band off.

Noa isn’t the best actor I have seen. But I wouldn’t give up on Past Life yet. Kate and Price works for me. And I would like to wait 3-4 episodes before I decide.

Dr. Malachi Talmadge (Richard Schiff) plays a small part in the pilot. Is he only there for credibility? I liked him in West Wing but here not so much. Dr. Rishi Karna (Ravi Patel, Scrubs) plays an even smaller part.

I am looking forward to get to know the cast. It might get better.