Peacekeeper by Laura E. Reeve (Ariane Kedros 1)

When I picked up this book a couple of months ago we didn’t have a good fit. Now I can’t understand what I had a problem with? It is a very good book!

Laura is a talented world builder, she remind me of David Weber. She has built an universe where the outer colonies , the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds, are dominated by the Greek culture.  The alien culture that gave humanity the temporal technology to reach the stars is called Minoans since they share symbols from the Greek equivalent. Now generation ships travel from star to star setting up Temporal Buoys as they go.

The Autonomous war with the Terran Expansion League( XL) ended 15 years ago after they detonated the first Temporal Displacement Weapon used. The Minoans declared Pax Minoan, and the humans damn better follow it.

Major Ariane Kedros was the pilot of the Naga ship that deployed the TD. Now she and everyone in their line of command have been given new identities by the government. Terra have declared them all war criminals.

Ariane returns from a successful prospecting trip with Matt, her employer. They have hit a mother-load, ruins of an ancient civilization and what looks like an inactive Temporal Buoy. Awaiting on them are an Association Light Cruiser with a mission for Ariane. Twelve people involved in the Ura-Guinn mission have been assassinated and there are only 3 more left alive including her. With the mobile temporal distortion weapons treaty the TD weapons are to be dismantled within a year but first there will be inspections. So her mission is to be the inspection liaison at KarthagePoint Naga Command Base and at the same time protect her former colleague from assassination. 

Meanwhile on Hellas Prime Matt has his own problems especially since his agent get murdered and he is taken into custody.

I think i found another friend for those long scandinavian nights. Good books are your friends.

Btw I ordered the next two books in the series from Amazon today, one of them is a pre-order the other one will be here in a few weeks. Later.