Plans for the Week

I have another plan for the coming week, it should be solid. There are upcoming book reviews, a Trends in Current SciFi post, some TV pilot news and if we are lucky there might be a picture or two from the upcoming TV show Gates, as it have started filming now.

I was on a trade fair for two days this week but it has been a good week for reading and I have finished a couple of really good books and I have even written a few reviews (Earth StrikeThis Paper WorldShadow Prowler). I also received some purchased books this week from Stockholm and from Amazon.

Upcoming Reviews:

  • Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon (Paladin’s Legacy 1) – read it last week
  • The Crucible of Empire by Eric Flint & K. D. Wentwoth (Empire 2) – read it last week
  • Trade of Queens by Charles Stross (Merchant Princes 6)
  • Gardens of the Sun by Paul McAuley (The Quiet War 2)
  • The Myriad by R. M. Meluch (Tour of the Merrimack 1)
  • Wolf  Star by R. M. Meluch (Tour of the Merrimack 2)

I usually update the TV Pilot Roundup every day and make a post if it’s news worthy.

There will be  micro recaps from David Weber’s upcoming books A Mighty Fortress and Mission of Honor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I try to keep them spoiler free.

I will try to finish a new posts for Trends in Current Science Fiction this week. Last week I wrote about Singularity.

And a review of Caprica’s spring finale (it will be back September 17) is around the corner, I just have to watch it first.

Monday you will get What’s New or Returning on TV This Week then a recap review of last weeks Chuck before that night’s episode.

Wednesday will get you What’s New or Returning on TV in April 2010.

Thursday will get you New Science Fiction Books in April 2010 revisited (this I posted on March 15)

Friday you will get my March 2010 in Reading post (check out February)

Don’t forget Walker of Worlds upcoming Sci-Fi Appreciation Month starts April 1.

I will also guest blog a few reviews for Temple Library Reviews starting April 6th.