Plans for the Week (April 19-25)

I started a new article series Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction the past week, it will be recuring on Fridays. One thing I enjoy reading about in science fiction is strong female  protagonists and I would like to present some of them so you might get to know them too. I like lists, and I have assembled a long list to pick from so you can expect five new examples of the ’stronger’ sex every Friday for the next ten weeks. Every week I also intend to introduce one new-to-me heroine as one of the five, that both you and me might be tempted to try.

This week’s FFPs where:

  1. Alicia DeVries – Cadre and Fury
  2. Terese Drajeske – Ex Field Commander & Mother
  3. Mackensie Elizabeth Winifred Wright Connor Sol
  4. Zoe Boutin Perry – Teenager & Holy Icon
  5. Parrish Plessis – Postapocalyptic Bodyguard (new-to-me)

Read part 1 here.

I also finished The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper a free audio book series i found last week. The sixth book Owner’s Share will be out in May. Can’t wait.  See Quarter Share (book #1)

Posts that might be interesting:

New Science Fictions Books in May 2010 (and in case you have missed it April)

Books reviewed this week:

  • Dust by Elizabeth Bear (Jacob’s Ladder 1)
  • Chill by Elizabeth Bear (Jacob’s Ladder 2)
  • Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon – guest post on walker of worlds

Upcoming Reviews:

  • Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher (an agent Cormac novel) read 2 weeks ago
  • Gridlinked by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 1) read 2 weeks ago
  • The Line of the Polity by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 2) read last week
  • Brass Man by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 3) read last week
  • Half Share by Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 2) read last week
  • Full Share by Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 3) read last week
  • Double Share by Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 4) read last week
  • Captain’s Share by Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 5)

I am thinking about making a Neal Asher week, I will try to finish his books this week.

I usually update the TV Pilot Roundup every day and make a post of it if it’s news worthy.

A Mighty Fortress last snippet came this last week, the hardback is out. This week there will be micro recaps from David Weber’s upcoming book Mission of Honor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I try to keep them spoiler free.

I will try to finish a new posts for Trends in Current Science Fiction soon. Last post was about Reality TV.

Don’t forget Walker of Worlds Sci-Fi Appreciation Month during April.