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Play the Game & Read the Books

Baen has always been progressive when it comes to electronic media, with the Baen bar and the Free Library. Their latest idea is a web game called Planet Baen where you earn free ebook coupons as you play.  It is an open test at the moment. It is not a mind-boggling game but it features items from the genre connected to Baen’s extensive catalogue as well as more general scifi. I enjoy figuring it out and so far I have earned 4 books!

One is Drakon by S. M. Sterling now, a quite enjoyable spy/military scifi story so far

Gwendolen Ingolfsson, hurled into a parallel Earth filled with billions of unaltered, antique humans when the molehole experiment she was working on malfunctioned, is very clear where her duty lies. As a member of the Draka, genetically engineered to dominate crude, unmodified humans, her task is to build a molehole device in this universe and establish a bridgehead for the Race to come through. It had been some time since the Draka last had such an opportunity for conquest…As for Detective-Lieutenant Henry Carmaggio, he’d seen plenty of blood, both in Cambodia and in twenty years of police work. But he’d never seen anything like this. Something was loose in his city, something inhuman that walked among us, killing with the easy precision of a leopard in a flock of sheep. And unless he could track it down it would kill and kill again – until the whole world was its hunting ground.

Stirling is semi new to me, I have seen his works around and read Falkenberg’s Legions that he wrote with Jerry Pournelle (excellent series). The perspective here is quite different from the norm. I feel myself almost rooting for the bad guys (woman in this case).

Back to Planet Baen. It has not officially opened yet so I don’t know if I get in trouble for writing about it. But if you want to help develop the experience and maybe add your own suggestions you should definitely try it. My handle in the game is Molly Black.

Now back to reading …