Primeval Season 4 Premiere [Review]

Isn’t it great to have some new scifi on the very first day of the new year? And a second episode tomorrow! The new Primeval Series Four premiered in the UK and the US today.

The show is about a team fighting anomalies in time and the creatures that comes out of them. It is great fun with dinosaurs, humor and a great deal of thrilling action.

Last season left part of the team trapped in time, Abby and Conner in the Cretaceous period, while Danny joined the first humans after stopping Helen from murdering them all. It looks like we are done with that arc now.

Most of the old team are still with us in this first episode Lester, Beckett, Conner and Abby but you can never be sure with these British shows, they did kill off a few of the main characters last season. The team has two new members and a new sponsor since the ARC now is a joint government and private venture. The perky Jess is the group coordinator and Matt is the new secretive group leader. Matt seems like a good guy but he has a second agenda as we learned in the webisodes. Philiph Burton’s Prosperos is the private investor. One can wonder what his agenda is too.

I won’t tell you too much about the episode but it is good to see that the lightness and humor still is there so much television nowadays wants to be dark. And that Abby and Connor that has been my greatest enjoyment in the series so far is still in it.

The ARC also has gotten a scfi upgrade with new computers and weapons. There is a funny scene when Beckett calls the new weapons toy guns and dare Matt to use one on him.

I am a bit worried about Abby. She seems to have trouble adjusting. She was just about to give it up there in the past. But happy she and Connor seem to have hit it off. The whole wilderness girl look looked good on her though.

There was some memorable moments and comments in this episode

  • Connor’s Dream about being Cretaceous celebrity chef.
  • Connor instructing Abby not to drive so close to the curb.
  • Lester being refused a private hack: Whatever happened to blind obedience? Lester have you not been here the last few series?
  • Lester: Trust Conner to bring a pet back with him

The episode was great with enough dinosaur action and a lot of fun action.

Part 2 is tomorrow! Sweet!

  • Ziggy

    I’ve watched Primeval from the very beginning and was very sorry to see Douglas Henshall killed off. He was a strong lead and his departure killed the series for me. It’s Nov. 2011 here in Canada and from what we’ve seen, the series is trying to reinvent itself with new characters and new technology but it’s too complicated. Too much going on and as a result the storyline is getting blurred. What is the storyline?  The show used to be about chasing anomalies and dealing with the creatures that came through. Now it’s all over the map. Like the fact that they kept Abby and Connor.  What the hell is up with Abby’s wardrobe? The new clothes and hair cut are really bad. As for this Jess person, how many geniuses do we need? Trim the fat and keep it simple.  It works.