Project priorities

Peer to Peer networking is not only hyped at the moment it is also an excellent way to create synergy when you meet up in person. We were a couple of middle aged project managers meeting up after work at a member’s workplace to share a bite, some knowledge and listen to a presentation.

It’s so refreshing to hear that we all share the same kind of problems. You also get a lot of ideas.

H. told about that they also had too many project needs and needed to prioritize. We discussed different ways to asses which projects to do when.

I think I would like to add some classifications to our own list.

Time factor: How time critical is it?

  • Panic if we don’t fix it a.s.a.p.
  • Month if it needs to be resolved within a month.
  • Quarter if it needs to be done within 3 months.
  • Year if it needs to be done within 12 months.
  • When time allows can be done whenever we have time over to do it.

Length factor: How long time does it take to accomplish in Calendar time?

Strategic factor: How important is it for the long time success of our company?

  • Not at all,
  • Low,
  • Medium,
  • High and
  • Central?

I will sleep on it. Then test it and evaluate the result.