Redoubtable (Kris Longknife 8) by Mike Shepherd [Book Review]

One thing I like about these novels is the characters. The main character is Kris a reluctant princess that drags trouble towards her wherever she is. She is feisty, adventurous  and quite good at what she does. She also has human weaknesses that makes her attractive to read about. Nelly is her sassy sentient computer sidekick and much of my enjoyment in the series comes from the sassy bickering interaction between Kris and her friends.

They promoted Kris to commodore and gave her the command over the fleet of pirate hunters outside the Rim. First they stumble on a little pirate  operation and the hunt for their base of operation leads her straight to a heavy industrialized world inside her family’s old enemies the Peterwald’s sphere of interests.

This is just what the doctor ordered a good military space opera romp with secret conspiracies, freedom fighters, pirates and damn good retribution.

There is a bit less interpersonal shenanigans in this book as the personal stuff centers on her relationship with the Peterwalds. Remember she saved the life of their head of state in an assassination attempt a while back. Turning a coup attempt into civil war and a purge of their old and unreliable security apparatus. Here she reaps some of the the fruit of her labors .

I enjoyed it immensely but this is the second novel Mike teases an alien threat. Mike, no more suspense and procrastinating in sideshows please. Tell me Kris will take a look at this mystery, please.

Next book in the series, Daring is on contract for next year. I expect it next Fall.

Title: Redoubtable
Series: Kris Longkrife 8
Author: Mike Shepherd
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Ace (2010)

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Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife has precise orders: seek out, engage, and destroy pirates, slavers, and drug lords operating beyond the rim of human space-without interfering in Peterwald family affairs. But when slavers kidnap a twelve-year-old girl, Kris’s mission becomes personal. And if destroying the pirate compound flattens some Peterwald interests-well, to hell with politics.