Riese (Web Series) is really steampunky

Some familiar sci-fi TV faces will show up on the new Web series Riese, including Smallville’s Allison Mack, Battlestar Galactica’s Allessandro Juliani and Sanctuary’s Emilie Ullerup according to Wired.

Synopsis from the web page:

Riese is a world of moral ambiguity and political intrigue.
A decimated land populated by characters from dreams and nightmares. Loyalties are ever in question, suspicion in the minds of all. The realm, however, was not always so cruel. Everything began with a peaceful nation called Eleysia.

The Kingdom of the Wolf, Eleysia was once prosperous due largely to the influence of Empress Kara and Emperor Ulric. This all changed when a coup d’etat, orchestrated from the shadows by a religious cult,
brought about a total regime change.

Taking the throne was Amara, the Empress’s cousin.
A power-hungry tyrant, Amara immediately utilized Eleysia’s wealth and power to begin colonizing the world, crushing nation after nation in order to unite the people under one banner. Even as she assaulted the world, an ominous, enigmatic group clearly wielded power over her. Called The Sect, they purported themselves to be the official religion of Eleysia, and began to spread alongside Eleysia’s borders.

It looks definitely watchable after seeing the trailer. The site was offline there for a while so try again later if you can’t get on. See http://riesetheseries.com

Edit: The three first episodes were interesting and the next episode is to be released the 14th. The main character is hunted by a mystic man sent by the ruler of the land when she stumbles on something gruesome that seems to happen to all the children in the land once per year. A mystic Sect is shipping babies in boxes somewhere.