Sanctuary Season Finale and Renewal

In Mumbai a hunted  Indian man spits out a spider on a Kali statue before being shot. The statue sends out an pulse that covers the globe. Now the abnormals are becoming unruly and Magnus makes the connection from the origin of the pulse.

Kate and Will goes to Mumbai. They find the statue the man hid the spider in and bring it back to the Sanctuary where the insect hide in Will’s coat. While he sleeps it creeps inside his mouth.

The man who died was over 200 years old but he died when the insect left him. Will now has the bug inside him. Cultist find him and save  him from the men that hunts for the insect. Will is having some unearthly visions with a gorgeous Indian woman in it, Kali.

Oh, it’s so funny. There is an abnormal so big that it moves earths tectonic plates around. The spider that is inside Will has a telepathic link to it, and it might help someone find it and misuse it. The huge one is called Big Bertha aka Kali. Magnus was supposed to have killed it four years ago, now the Sanctuary network learns she didn’t and they questions her judgment.

Big Bertha is awake and messing with the earth. Meanwhile Will and his protectors are captured and wacko psycho millionaire, one Mr Forsight torture it out from Will and swallows it himself. Then he gets Bertha moving.

Kate rescue Will but the others get away, unfortunately for Will he is dead, Magnus revive him though. Will is still linked to Kali even though he loses his mind a bit.

Forsight is keen on the End of Days while Will have a Glee moment.

Great season finale, nice cliffhanger, and even better is that Sanctuary has been renewed by SyFy for 20 episodes, which is more than the normal 13.