Sarah on Chuck [Female Protagonists on SF TV]

Sarah is one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite tv shows.  Chuck is about a guy called Chuck who gets the Intersect, the combined knowledge of all American intelligence agencies downloaded into his mind. Sarah Walker from the CIA and John Casey from the NSA is assigned to protect him.

Sarah goes undercover as his fake girlfriend but eventually feelings starts to develop and they have an on off relationship that is one of the driving forces in the series. She is a real sharp kick-ass agent but underneath that she has a heart of gold.

Throughout the series they stand against secret organisations that wants the Intersect for their own. In the first two it is Fulcrum and in the third it is the Ring.

Sarah Walker is portrayed by Yvonne Strahovski, a beautiful and talented Australian actress.


  • Bryce Larkin, Chuck’s old roommate from Stanford. Partner with Sarah in the CIA and they had an affair then until he went rogue and sent the Intersect to Chuck and Sarah was assigned to protect him. They rekindle their relationship again when Bryce returns but in the end she chooses to stay with Chuck.
  • Cole Barker is James Bond like agents that becomes one of Sarah’s love interest for a short period but they never go further than kissing
  • Daniel Shaw is the new agent in charge in season three and at first he seems to have real progress with Sarah but then he discovers she killed his wife (she was set up) and defects to the Ring and tries to kill Sarah. Chuck shoots him to save Sarah but he survives to the end of season three’s cliffhanger.

Her Past

She was grew up with her father who was a con man and she participated in some of his cons as seen in some flashbacks. She had many aliases as she grew up but we know her real name is Sam which might be short for Samantha. Nothing is known about her mother and she might have a sister (but that could have been part of her cover story). She attended at least her last year of high school.

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Chuck returns September 20 with a new season.

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