SGU 1.15 – Lost

Last week Eli, Chloe,  Scott and Greer was left behind in a cave in with big spiders and unstable tunnels. This episode switch back and forth between Destiny and the team left behind as they try to resolve the situation. The ship suddenly looses power while Rush and company tries to find a way to rescue the ones left behind. Now Rush have to deal with the ships behavior as it prepare to leave the galaxy possibly leaving the team far far behind?

We have learned that T.J is pregnant, but she hasn’t told Young yet. In fact she spends the whole episode trying to. Is the other soldier woman pregnant with Scott’s baby? Are we going to have a baby boom on Destiny? Only thing left now is Chloe hatching one too.

Talking about Chloe, she starts to be useful this episode as she discovers maps to the underground maze and understands it’s symbols. Is it memories from her captivity in the alien mind reading machine? In that case, what kind of memories do Rush have? He was there far longer than her. Greer rush off to find another map but gets buried behind rubble and the others have to leave after failing to get to him or raise him on radio.

While they find a way out, Greer relives memories from childhood and an abusive and cruel father. Young Greer plays angry well while elder Greer plays desperate as he dig his way out only to arrive at the gate minutes late. Eli, Scott and Chloe leave the planet jumping gate to gate in an attempt to catch up with Destiny. Greer is left alone without hope.

On the first planet just as scott says ‘We give each planet ten minutes’ they hear heavy breathing and something huge approaching, that was a scary alien but one of the highlights. Meanwhile Greer continues to remember.

When Destiny drops out of FTL they also sends out a rescue team, backtracking the gates and eventually finding Greer and bring him back.

Chloe-Scott-Eli discover to their horror that they picked the wrong way as they discover the planet with the alien ship where Young left Rush. In their brightness they set off the same signal Rush said he did, but Chloe decipher the meaning of the alien database and they chase off after Destiny only to be there a few seconds … after Destiny jumps.

This time they are left behind again but now Destiny is about to leave the Galaxy. ‘Luckily’ the name of the next episode is ‘Sabotage’, someone or something disables one of Destiny’s FTL engines and there might even be an alien attack? Watch the promo on New & Returning TV This Week (May 3 -9)

If I where to speculate here it would only be so you can mock me when I am wrong on Friday. Destiny will be disabled and they have to find something to repair it with, forcing them to stand off the aliens in this galaxy while they do it? And do a little SGA searching for it on the planets in reach? What’s your theory?

In the military outfit and hat, Chloe remind me a bit of Summer Glau? Thoughts?

Great episode, make it Friday now!