SGU 1.16 – Sabotage

Chloe, Mathew and Eli is left behind when Destiny starts to cross the void between galaxies.

Young is not a happy commander, he has to reinstall rationing and abandon all hope to rescue the ones left behind, deal with personal failure and T.J’s pregnancy.  You feel his emotional pain as he watches himself in the mirror, deciding not to shave before facing the crew. He isn’t forgiving himself it seems.

Rush discovers that they all are going to die of old age before reaching the next galaxy, Destiny have been trying to conserve energy for a reason. The jump will be five percent short, leaving Destiny to drift powerless for thousands of years before it reaches their destination. Their bones will be dust long before that, he state.

Amanda Perry is the only one able to help them repair the ship in time according to Rush, but she is paralyzed from the neck down. She also has a history with Rush. Lt James is the first one to use the much hated stones but she can’t stand it. Camile Wray takes her place.

Camile wants to go home. Her girlfriend is creped out you can tell, imagine someone else with the mind of your loved one. I am not sure I would have kissed them.

Rush and Amanda walk around the ship like two starstruck teenagers. I can understand Amanda’s delight in being able to move and eat by herself for the first time since she was nine. Rush clearly has feelings for this woman.

An explosion shakes the ship out of FTL, one of the drives is damaged. The transit disturbs the mind stone connection and Lt James experience short time memory loss. Considering what happens later I wonder if the aliens somehow spoofed the stones signal here? Staying connected to the mind of Lt James without her knowing it? They where able to intercept a stone transmission before. Lt James dream about being locked in a dark room, so she don’t sleep much. Could this be something going back to the attack on the gate planet?

Franklin, the guy who became comatose after using the command chair where also affected by the transit. He seems almost lucid now.

They get the scare of their life when someone dial in on the Stargate, but it’s just Eli, Chloe and Mathew coming back. That was an anticlimax. No expansion on their experience on the planet? They discover aliens on the planet they just left when they dial back. Is it only me that find that suspicious? At least they arrived after the explosion.

They seems keen of doing a rock video kind of sequence in every episode now? food stinks, people shave, run and make moonshine and drink.

The robot is a bit of a disappointment, it repairs the engine and bypass the damage.

Of course Amanda tries to sleep with Rush before she leaves. What is it with these body switchers? It creeps me out that they feel free to use the bodies they borrow to sleep around. Luckily TJ walked in on them.

The explosion in the engine was probably a sabotage by the aliens to disable the ship and signal their position to them. Or is Rush mind affected? Chloe seems to have memories from her short imprisonment in the aliens mind reading machine. Rush was there much longer.

The Aliens reappears and commence to attack Destiny. Young write his will and prepare to sit in the command chair when Franklin speaks and asks to sit in the chair, strapped in he tells the others to go and a mist starts to fill the chair and they jump to FTL at the last minute.

Amanda says an emotional goodbye to Rush before leaving. Young and James open the command chamber only to find the chair empty. Where is Franklin?

Sabotage was a good episode, it would have been great but for the abrupt ending of the two episode left-behind arc, that felt just wrong, it might have it’s explanation in later episodes but here it felt too simple. I have all respect for the writers, but why didn’t they expand on the stranded people, cancel the cripple and put Amanda Tapping on?

So what’s next? A total reset as they leave that galaxy behind? Next episode is called Pain and is about something they brought along from the last planet.