Slanted Jack by Mark L. Van Name (Jon & Lobo 2)

When Slanted Jack walked in as Jon sat there enjoying his dinner, he knew that more than dinner would be ruined. He had a history with Jack, they used to work together in a part of his life he rather forget. He wasn’t called ‘Slanted’ for nothing, nothing about what he did would be straight forward. Jack was the best con-man Jon ever met.

And now he wants Jon to help him protect the boy Manu Chang. Manu is a descendant of Pinkelponker, Jon’s quarantined home planet, and a seer, and is in need of money to treat the effect it has on his health. The boy is to have an interview with the wealthy leader of the fanatic Followers, who worship everything Pinkelponker (the name comes from letting the captains little son name the planet). That’s where the risk comes in, he needs Jon as a bodyguard so that they don’t try to kidnap the boy.

Seems easy enough, but there is where he is wrong. There is a crime boss out to get Jack for money he owns. There are also the fanatics who want the boy for their cult. Jon also picks up a feisty redhead in the middle of it. Even the interstellar authorities are after them before it is over.

Jo & Lobo is great fun and fast paced action. This is another great Jon & Lobo book. I would like to see a book of Jon’s escape from Aggro and Pinkelponker.

This book is part of a series, Jon & Lobo.

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