Snippet #40 from A Mighty Fortress by David Weber (Safehold 4)

Snippet #40 The priests finish talking about the young crown prince, and all the help he will need. Vicar Rhobair Duchairn have a cold beside trying to get his colleagues to understand that the Church can’t continue to spend like this. Meanwhile The Earl of Coris start his ‘interview’.

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A sneak peak in the new Safehold novel A Mighty Fortress by David Weber, one of my favorite authors. See Cover art and blurb. Iit will be out in April 2010. Source: Eric Flint’s homepage

  • Snippet #1 Chapter 1: An incident in Lizardherd Square, City of Manchyr, Princedom of Corisande.
  • Snippet #2 Chapter 2: Maikelberg, Duchy of Eastshare, Kingdom of Chisholm – Baron of Green Valley and Seijin Merlin is talking.
  • Snippet #3 – General army, military discussion
  • Snippet #4 – A discussion of Chisholm’s standing army
  • Snippet #5 – Continued discussion about formation of the Imperial Army and the loyalty of its leaders.
  • Snippet #6 Chapter 3:Royal Palace, City of Talkyra, Kingdom of Delferahk, a discussion between the former Corisade Spy Master and Irys Daykyn, princess in exile about the Group of Four’s intentions towards them.
  • Snippet #7 Chapter 4: City of Manchyr, Duchy of Manchyr, Princedom of Corisande, Paitryk Hainree a silversmith is contemplating the opposition to the occupation.
    Hmm, maybe David Weber been thinking of Patrick Henry when naming this new character?
    Patrick Henry is one of the founding fathers of the United States of America,
    famous for “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”.
  • Snippet #8– Merlin thinkings on letting the Corisande resistance leaders be, then a discussion in Corisande about how to counter the resistance.
  • Snippet #9 Chapter 5:October, Year of God 893, Merlin Athrawes’ Recon Skimmer, Safehold Low Orbit, Above The Anvil. Empress Sharleyan of Charis first time in space, she marvels and remember the previous night with Cayleb
  • Snippet #10– Cayleb and Sharleyan talking about the trip outside the atmosphere and contemplating the ramification of when the truth become public before switching back to the queen in orbit. She and Cayleb have got some spiffy new tech.
  • Snippet #11 Chapter 6:II Nimue’s Cave, The Mountains of Light, The Temple Lands. Queen Sharleyan is gaping as a child.
  • Snippet#12– Merlin comes clean on the nanotech he has given his friends, Sharleyan meets the real Nimue and Owl continues to show autonomous responses.
  • Snippet #13 Chapter 7:III Castle Mairwyn, City of Serabor, Barony of Larchros, Princedom of Corisande. Sahlahmn Traigair, the Earl of Storm Keep and Rahzhyr Mairwyn, Baron Larchrosis suffering the icy, cold rain before entering the castle where they are met by the lady of the house with hot chocolate. Later in Larchos office they meets with Father Airwain Yair and discuss the traitors that have decided to capitulate to Cayleb.
  • Snippet #14 – continued discussion about the local bishops, the Charis occupation and a future uprising.
  • Snippet #15 Chapter 8: IV King Ahrnahld’s Tower, Royal Palace, City of Gorath, Kingdom of Dohlar. Lywys Gardynyr, the Earl of Thirsk and the Kingdom of Dohlar’s first councilor Samyl Cahkrayn, the Duke of Fern and Aibram Zaivyair, the Duke of Thorast discuss the navy Thirsk will command when it starts to launch in a few months. They also discuss declaring holy war on Charis earlier to help recruit sailors. The Grand Inquisitor has personally approved the use of Charis new innovation in weaponry and sailing plans.
  • Snippet #16V Archbishop’s Palace, City of Tellesberg, Kingdom of Charis
    Archbishop Maikel Staynair, Bynzhamyn Raice, Baron Wave Thunder and Ahrdyn-the-lizard
    Discuss Maikel’s planed travels and their new communicators while being totally dominated by their pet.
  • Snippet #17– the two priests discuss bringing prince Nahrmahn into the ‘know’. Brush on the subject of health and then switch to the shipment of evidence against the church that will arrive in the morning and the consequences of its use.
  • Snippet #18 VI, Saint Kathryn’s Church, Candlemaker Lane, City of Manchyr, Princedom of Corisande. Father Tymahn Hahskans start a sermon that might explain the title of the book and he speaks freely.
  • Snippet #19 – Tymahn Hahskans’ passionate and powerful sermon renouncing the evil of the church and understanding the Church of Charis rightful anger. Merlin contemplate the false faith as he watch the video.
  • Snippet #20 VII, IHNS Ice Lizard, City of Yuthain, Shwei Province, Harchong Empire. Phylyp Ahzgood, Earl Coris visit Captain Gorjha Yuthain and stow his gear before taking a bath while his servant report on everything he does to the Inquisition. He plans to be in Zion by November.
  • Snippet #21: I, Imperial Palace, City of Cherayth, Kingdom of Chisholm; and HMS Dawn Wind, 54, Dolphin Reach.
    Sharleyan and Caleb discuss the situation in Corisande with archbishop Staynair through their new communication devices. Sharleyan feel sympathy for Irys Daykyn
  • Snippet #22 – they continue their talks while Merlin is having his ‘down time’. They discuss reformation and bringing more church people in on the secret.
  • Snippet #23 II Archbishop’s Palace, City of Manchyr, Princedom of Corisande
    Archbishop Klairmant Gairlyng, Bishop Zherald Ahdymsyn and Bishop Kaisi Mahkhynroh discuss Ahdymysyn’s motivation for joining the Church of Caris
  • Snippet #24 Ahdymsyn reflects on his own position, the church and everything before their talks continue in a very open hearted manner especially concerning the church’s corruption and the murder of prince Hektor, they have a suspect.
  • Snippet #25 III Royal Palace, City of Manchyr, Princedom of Corisande
    Sir Koryn Gahrvai joins his father Sir Koryn Gahrvai in the council chamber. Sir Raimynd Lyndahr, the Keeper of the Purse, Edwair Garthin, the Earl of North Coast, and Trumyn Sowthmyn, the Earl of Airyth was also there. The council have a difficult tight rope to walk between the occupation and their obligation to the young crown prince.
  • Snippet #26 IV HMS Rakurai, 46, Gorath Bay, Kingdom of Dohlar and HMS Devastation, 54, King’s Harbor, Helen Island, Kingdom of Old Charis
    Admiral Thirsk have a crew testing out Charisians new sailing techniques while Staynair and merlin watches from afar, the next battle will be more on equal terms.
  • Snippet #27 – They continue to talk about what to do with Thirsk and the fleeets that are about to be launched against them by the Church. Then they continue to talk of a preemptive strike.
  • Snippet #28 V City of Fairstock, Province of Malansath, West Harchong Empire
    The Earl of Coris onboard the ship Snow Lizard approach Fairstock in the middle of a snowstorm.
  • Snippet #29 Earl Coris is met by father Hahlys Tannyr and they discuss the travels they are going to make together.
  • Snippet #30 VI HMS Destiny, 54 Off Hennet Head, Gulf of Mathyas
    We meet young Ensign Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk, the Duke of Darcos again in the middle of some bad weather. They spot two ships sporting church pennant.
    Then we switch over to the commander of those ships.
  • Snippet #31 The church ships let them self be overtaken by the lone Charisian galleon.
  • Snippet #32 talking and thinking before the three ships close.
  • Snippet #33 The three ships do battle.
  • Snippet #34 VII Archbishop’s Palace, City of Tairys, Province of Glacierheart, Republic of Siddarmark
    Info dump about the city and it’s trade through the eyes of the Archbishop before he starts to think about the Circle and the mysterious letter he has received.
  • Snippet #35 February, Year of God 894, I, Duke of Kholman’s Office, City of Iythria, Gulf of Jahras, Desnairian Empire, A high official of the Imperial Desnarian Navy receive a disturbing letter
  • Snippet #36 The local commanders are not happy after the ship battle, but feel confident that the king will not take their heads when the bad news reach him. There is a buzzing industrial revolution going on in the area from all the money the church pour in. The building program is more or less on schedule but the crews need much more training before they can fight the Charisian Navy so the fleet operational date have to be moved forward to autumn maybe even next year.
  • Snippet #37 II, Ice Ship Hornet, Lake Pei, The Temple Lands
    The Earl of Coris in transit, economics and scenery mostly.
  • Snippet #38 Coris gets to ride the cool iceboat
  • Snippet #39 III The Temple, City of Zion, The Temple Lands
    We learn something of the circle’s struggles and the current situation from Samyl Wylsynn. Danger looms for the circle.