Snippet 49 for Mission of Honor by David Weber (Honor Harrington 12)

MoH-snippet 49: Chapter 15: HMS Reprise arrive at Meyers System, the headquarters of the Office of Frontier Security in the Madras Sector. Back in the Talbot Cluster Michelle Henke and her officers discuss the latest exercise where she dropped a nasty one, deploying Apollo against Michael Oversteegen’s force.

Mission of Honor is a long awaited Honor Harrington novel the 12th in an extremely popular series. This is one of my absolute favorite series, I love everything by David Weber [profile], he is the master of military science fiction in my humble opinion.

MoH-snippet One Chapter 1:

December, 1921, Post Diaspora

“To understand Solly foreign policy, we’d have to be Sollies
. . . and nothing would be worth that!”
– Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore

Arsenovich Kolokoltsov, the Solarian League’s Permanent Senior Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs is struck speechless by disbelief and shock by the report from New Tuscany. Then he calls a conference with Permanent Senior Undersecretary of the Treasury Wodoslawski, Abruzzi, MacArtney, , Permanent Senior Undersecretary of Commerce Quartermain and Fleet Admiral Rajampet Kaushal Rajan and start to raise hell.

MoH-snippet Two: The Solies start to realize how far behind they are on the technology curb.

MoH-snippet three– The byrocrates are shocked by the Solarian League Navy utter defeat and the following surrender. They worry about the consecuences.

MoH-snippet four – they continue to talk about the battle at New Tuscany. Hot heads want to retaliate at any cost, cooler heads try to reason that it would be suicide to go up against the Manticorian navy at this time.

MoH-snippet five – they discuss declaring war on the Star Empire

MoH-snippet six: – they continue to discuss a war with the Manties and comes to a conclusion.

MoH-snippet Seven Chapter 2: Fleet Admiral Winston Kingsford, CO, Battle Fleet and Fleet Admiral Rajampet continue discussing the Mantis in private. Especially putting some analysts on the data right away, then they continue talking about fleet deployment, mantis missiles and when they will go after the Mantis home system. Winston is having an intresting inner dialogue about Sandra Cranell and her task force being deployed in the Madras sector.

MoH-snippet Eight: – Rajampet finish his meeting before we switch over to Queen Elizabeth III for a chat with Admira l Lady Dame Honor Alexander-Harrington. They start out talking about Stacy Hauptman and her father before they switch over to Manpower and the Talbot Cluster.

MoH-snippet Nine Honor and Elizabeth continue to speculate on the Solarian response. It’s four days to Christmas. Honor will be leaving on an unspecified mission (Haven?) after celebrating Christmas with her family.
Honor meets with Admiral Tourville afterwards

MoH-snippet ten Honor, Nimitz and Tourville remembers previous meetings and do social niceties before coming to the point in the next snippet.

Snippet 11 Honor want to know about the political leadership in Haven but they end up talking about the surrender demands.

MoH-snippet 12 Chapter 3: Benjamin IX, Protector of Grayson talk with the commander in chief of the Grayson Space Navy Wesley Matthews about their security situation.

MoH-snippet 13 Mathew and Benjamin continue to discuss the political and military situation especially considering the Mantis, the Sollis and the Havenite.

MoH-snippet 14 They confirm Lady Harringtons mission.
The Royal Manticoran Navy’s Destroyer Division 265.2, known as “the Silver Cepheids,” prepare to go home from their position a light-month from Manticore-A

MoH-snippet 15 The Silver Cepheids prepare to leave while the officers involve them selfs in cheerful banter about SCA. Then we switch over to Commodore Karol Østby of the Mesa Alignment Navy and his task force that quietly have been scouting the Mantis system in preparation for Oyster Bay.

MoH-snippet 16: Chapter 4 Some officers of the Solarian Office of Operational Analysis discuss a memo before switching over to Mesa and Aldona Anisimovna on her way to meet with Albrecht Detweiler.

MoH-snippet 17 Detweiler and his two sons meets with Aldona and the Streak drive is clarified in her internal dialog before they continue to discuss the recent ballroom activities

MoH-snippet 18 the Mesans continue to talk about Manticore.

MoH-snippet 19 The Mesans continue to talk about how to spin the Talbot story and it ends with them going to talk about Oyster Bay.

MoH-snippet 21: With such bad results from the evacuation exercise the new commander of the station sets out to make it better.

MoH-snippet 20: January, 1922, Post Diaspora
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this . . . .”
– Admiral Patricia Givens, RMN, CO, Office of Naval, Intelligence.
Chapter Five
An officer we know from previous books report for duty and there is a ominous discussion about evacuation drills not being up to par.

MoH-snippet 22: Captain Ansten FitzGerald and Commander Amal Nagchaudhuri have a friendly talk about Hexpuma’s repairs being almost finished and the crews upcoming R&R on the station.

MoH-snippet 23 President Eloise Pritchart and the leadership around her isn’t very surprised when eight fleet shows up at the edge of the Haven system, they have dreaded this moment for six months. They however are surprised!

MoH-snippet 24: President Eloise Pritchart and the Salamander is about to meet …

MoH-snippet 25: President Pritchart and Admiral Thomas Theisman chat while they wait on Honor to leave the shuttle. When Honor steps out they have a little chat before moving to the President’s office.

MoH-snippet 26: Chapter 7: Admiral Alexander-Harrington and the President measure each other up before sitting down.

MoH-snippet 27: The negotiations begin in earnest.

MoH-snippet 28: The Salamander’s opening statement is frank to say the least.

MoH-snippet 29: Honor finalizes her offer.

MoH-snippet 30: Chapter 8: The Haven leadership discuss Honor.

MoH-snippet 31: The cabinet continues to talk about how to set up the negotiations and make some great comments about Elizabeth and Honor.

MoH-snippet 32: Chapter 9: Mesa Alignment Navy units is carrying out their part of Oyster Bay at the outskirts of the system when they brush up against a GSN task force.

MoH-snippet 33: Chapter 10: They finally sit down to negotiating after some sidetrack thoughts about the hotel they are staying in.

MoH-Snippet 34: Honor is introduced to Haven’s negotiation team.

MoH-snippet 35: Honor presents her negotiation team

MoH-snippet 36: Honor starts to give her opening statement.

MoH-snippet 36: Chapter 10: Rear Admiral Michael Oversteege goats Vice Admiral Gloria Michelle Samantha Evelyn Henke, Countess Gold Peak as she is planing a particularly sneaky war game.

MoH-snippet 38: Michelle Henke considers the recent ‘battle’ and the Solies response.

MoH-snippet 39: Mike considers the Spindle crisis and prepare for the response.

MoH-snippet 40: Chapter 10: Junior Officers night out?

MoH-snippet 41: The junior aids discuss the press and conspire to share information before we switch over to the Mesa Alignment Fleet deploying pods in the first moments of the Oyster Bay attack.

MoH-snippet 42: Chapter 13: Solarian reporter Audrey O’Hanrahan receive ‘independent’ confirmation of the actions in the Talbot cluster, from Mesa sources.

MoH-snippet 43: The reporter and her source discuss the ‘news’.

MoH-snippet 44: The report might be hard to disapprove.

MoH-snippet 45: Chapter 14: Queen Elizabeth contemplate the Ballroom and Mesa as she waits for Ms. Montaigne

MoH-snippet 46: The Queen and the leader of the liberal party continues to discuss the nuke on Mesa (See Torch of Freedom)

MoH-snippet 47: wraps up Torch of Freedom minus the details

MoH-snippet 48: They ponder the political fallout and the queen asks a favor.


Mission of Honor will be available in June 29 2010

Description: The Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven have been enemies for Honor Harrington’s entire life, and she has paid a price for the victories she’s achieved in that conflict. And now the unstoppable juggernaut of the mighty Solarian League is on a collision course with Manticore. The millions who have already died may have been only a foretaste of the billions of casualties just over the horizon, and Honor sees it coming.

She’s prepared to do anything, risk anything, to stop it, and she has a plan that may finally bring an end to the Havenite Wars and give even the Solarian League pause. But there are things not even Honor knows about. There are forces in play, hidden enemies in motion, all converging on the Star Kingdom of Manticore to crush the very life out of it, and Honor’s worst nightmares fall short of the oncoming reality.

But Manticore’s enemies may not have thought of everything after all. Because if everything Honor Harrington loves is going down to destruction, it won’t be going alone.