Stargate Universe 2.07 – The Greater Good [TV Review]

Tonight’s episode of Stargate Universe was a pivotal one. We finally learn Destiny’s mission and the crew finally learn about the bridge. They come out of FTL close to another derelict that looks like it has been in a battle.

Since destiny doesn’t have any shuttles any more they decide to hitch a ride with a Kino. Young and Rush hitch over without any Redskirts. They find massive battle damage; the whole bridge is blown away. Things get a bit interesting when they find empty pods like the ones the aliens on the seed ship were using. I wonder if they are some kind of space pirates or space nomads living on what they can scavenge from derelicts. I have a feeling we will meet them again. Maybe they are enemies of the blueberries too? They have not been that hostile.

Rush’s fiddling somehow sets off the engines of the derelict pushing the ship away from Destiny stranding them there. Rush turn to Doctor Amanda Perry from earth to secretly use his control of the Destiny to come and get them. Amanda is confused by Rush’s need for secrecy. She gets the ship to turn. She is a real bad liar so Eli doesn’t believe her and tracks down the bridge and surprises her there.

Young goes a bit over the edge when he overhear Rush and discover the truth. Young blames Rush for the death of that young pilot. There is a short fight and they have yet another heart to heart where Young get some though truths in his face. He has failed as a leader.

That is also when we learn about Destiny’s mission. The ancients found structure in the cosmic background radiation that revealed structures older than the universe. Destiny is on “A mission to read a message from before time”. I hope for god’s sake it’s not from God. That would be way to close to BSG and Lost. Imho two good series with crappy endings. I pray it is not so.

Eli gets to shine a bit this episode, which is about time. But I am afraid dark times are ahead for him. Wray interrupt his close encounter with Ginn and she stones to Earth to report on the Lucian Alliance’s plans to attack it. This doesn’t go down well with Greer’s favorite Lucian. Eli figure out Rush’s cover up and lead the others to the bridge. He also saves the day figuring out how to return the unlucky two from the derelict that is tumbling after Amanda tailgated it.

They also touched on the moral issues of lending some one’s body again after Rush almost has sex with Amanda. Eli walks in on them before it goes too far and he lets her know what he thinks about it too. The ending was rather sinister as the Lucian thug walks into Amanda-Ginn’s cabin as soon as she is alone. I think I will hate what is going to happen there.

Rush is like an emotional yo-yo. He twists and turns every other episode, great acting but a character hard to love.

The Fall season finale draws closer, will it be the blueberries or the pod-brownies making our day?

Next episode brings old friends back to the ship with no clue of what has happened to them.

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