Stargate Universe 1.14 – Human

I have just finished watching last night’s SGU. It ended in a definite cliffhanger that makes me want to watch the next episode, which I guess is the meaning in having them cliffhangers.

Daniel Jackson is back, as a fragment of imagination.

This episode is about Rush being a human. You’ll get insight into his motivations and why he is the man he is. We get to see him experiencing life with his dead wife and how she suffers in a virtual reality created by his subconscious and the Ancient chair on Destiny. Rush is like a man possessed as he tries to find the code, but in the end is is his humanity that gives them the clue they need. And need it they do.

Meanwhile Destiny discover ruins on a planet inside gate range. And Eli and Chloe decide they want to go down there and have a look and Scott and Greer goes with. There was something weird happening there just before they learned of the ruins, there was like a change/surge across the ship. Before it Chloe tried to get Eli to warm up to her again, as a friend and he was giving her a cold shoulder, like whatever to everything she said. Then after the charge/pulse everything was chipper and they went to Young to convince him to let Chloe and Eli down to the planet. It could have been just a energy surge but what if it was something else? Is Rush still in the chair experiencing this? Is it part of some elaborate test of the ship? Anyway the now very friendly youngsters head down to the planet. The references to old SG-1 tradition of finding advanced technology in ancient ruins was fun and gave Chloe something else to do than being blond as well as Eli’s failed attempt to banter with Master Sergeant Greer.

I say youngsters because they don’t behave like SG-1 would have, they behave more like young folks without parental supervision when they find a cave. They have to explore it, not a thought about letting the Destiny know or anything, just head down a tunnel in an ancient ruin, filled with spider webs. It is slightly surprising when they are surprised by a spider and one thing leads to another and the ceiling falls in trapping them there as Destiny is about to jump to FTL.

You can guess what the cliffhanger is.

I thought it was a good episode, the chipper and friendliness was a bit unexpected, but I guess the team building last episode for a month worked. I like that the fragmented crew are getting together and we starts to see signs of cohesion and cooperation here and there. After all they are all in the same starship.

They still have a lot to learn about ‘away teams’ at least they got Chloe into uniform. If they only could get the supposedly experienced Master Sergeant Ronald Greer to snap out of it and teach them some elementary survival skills. Master Sergeants are supposed to teach even young Lieutenants to survive in the field.

Next episode is called Lost. Interesting preview.