Stargate Universe 2.02 – Aftermath [TV Review]

The second episode of SGU starts well with a restless Rush going to his favorite place in the whole wide universe, Destiny’s bridge. Did you notice how smooth it rose out of the ship as he entered? Did you notice the second ‘bridge’ behind this one that did not rise? I love exploring mysteries.

It is not the first time he is on the bridge, and he hasn’t told anyone. I kind of like Rush he grows on you. He has been a great actor the whole time but I think I start to get him now.

Wow, kind of surprising explanation why the Lucian alliance wants the Destiny. They have an ancient legend about it that hints on the power of gods and power over space and time.

I like the way Wray and redtop interact. Interesting dilemma about what to do with their prisoners especially since many of them might have been forced into service at gunpoint.

They are approaching a planet that is marked with a warning sign. The gate is not working but Destiny drops out of FLT inside shuttle range.

The planet has atmospheric super rotation, whatever that is. There is a tense moment there but then everything goes well until all power fail in the shuttle and they crush a bit of a mountain side, cut down a small wood and plow a ditch on a plain before running into a rock wall. Then the power turns back on? That is just weird.

The plot divides onto four tracks one trying to help the man trapped in the wreck, the second where they go looking for the gate and the third is aboard the Destiny where the Lucian prisoners riot, and the final is Rush on the bridge being delusional or talking to the ship.

They keep a few Lucian’s and dump the rest on the planet where the shuttle crashed. Redtop is one that stays I wonder how long it will take before she and Eli are sitting in a tree.

I really like the pacing and tone in this episode it feels natural and compelling. The wake over the dying man is well made. Young’s choice is a terrible one. I think this episode was a clean hit by the writers and the actors. I can relate to them all, their actions make sense and I feel like rooting for them. Well done!

Rush is trying to rationalize his own actions when something happens, Destiny drops out of FTL close to an object dead in space…

A hint … Destiny just lost its only remaining shuttle …

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