Stargate Universe 2.03 Awakening [TV Review]

The crew of the Destiny is exploring the ship. No, not their own ship, a seed ship they found drifting.

This sets off all kinds of interesting things. They find enough energy there to dial earth but when they connect the ships aliens that been hibernating on the seed ship starts to tap Destiny of power and Rush is forced to use the Bridge to disconnect the ships and save Destiny revealing more or less that he has discovered the bridge in the first place.

Colonel Telford is left behind on the ship with all the creepy aliens. I imagine how he would feel in that situation. It is chilling. I am sure he will turn up again somewhere down the line.

Colonel Young keep on handling the Lucian Alliance personnel left with mistrust and disdain. Wray on the other hand, starts to make sense. They did kill their leaders to save the crew of the destiny.

I like the way the characters all make sense now. They are also not serving us all the answers on a silver platter. It is obvious something is happening with Chloe, but it is hinted at instead of written on our noses. Chloe got long gorgeous legs, yes but she was also writing on that notebook. But they didn’t show the writing like they could have done.

TJ had a great moment this episode when one of the Lucian tried to get fresh with her she got rough right back and he had to back down. I love TJ.

Rush ends this episode in the captains chair on the bridge. He sits there because he doesn’t want to face the music.

Next episode will be mighty interesting. It looks like it will focus on what is happening with Chloe which is about time. I love this new season of SGU. It is really hitting its stride now.

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