Stargate Universe 2.05 – Cloverdale [TV Review]

There is a definite vibe of the Day of the Triffids in today’s episode of Stargate Universe. Scott is getting married to his high school sweetheart Chloe in Cloverdale, his hometown. Young is his father and the rest of the crew is the friends and inhabitants.

Out in the ‘real’ world not affected by blue creepy alien growths on the arm, Chloe, TJ, Rush, Greer, Eli and some other guys are bringing him back to the gate. Contemplate amputation and then leaving him behind.

It was interesting to see all the characters outside their usual box and get to know them a bit more, even if it all was inside Mathew’s head. As usual it had some unexpected twists I never expected along the way, and the setup for next week is good.

Eli’s little love triangle got a final nail in it in this episode. About time! And things might start to brighten for the young geek already next episode.

What happened? Let’s say the Triffids didn’t like the way Chloe tasted and now She and Scott have a Blueberry quarantine slash fake honeymoon (since the marriage only took place in Scott’s mind).

It is time I realize that SGU is its own show. I keep getting stood up by my own preconceptions when what they do is their own thing. Seen for what it is in itself SGU is a pretty decent show. I followed a lot of worse ones in my time. I like that it keeps surprising me in details while delivering overall trustworthy entertainment. My opinion is that the actors are doing a pretty good job but I still have problem with some of the switching going on. Dear writers take the extra time and make the characters somewhat consistent. Switching back and forth between villain and hero every other episode is only confusing. Giving everyone emotional instability and changing their personality to fit the plot is not good story telling. Make it happen soon, please. Otherwise I am happy.

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