Stargate Universe 204 – Pathogen [TV Review]

Sometimes horse traders makes promo’s …

I was expecting something else from this episode, lured by the season 2 trailer and the promo. Instead of the drama with Chloe being taken over by an alien pathogen and going all brainy River Tam on us we got something original SGU.

The focus is on the people left behind and how they cope with the situation, maybe something alike to how many Americans (I assume because the writers are Americans)  feel about their loved ones fighting in wars on the other side of the globe? And how they in different ways tries to deal with it. Wray’s partner by drinking and Eli’s mother by failing to take care of herself. I usually hate the use of the cursed stones and mind transfers to earth but not in this episode, It was a wonderful revisit alike to Elli’s first visit to space.

I am surprised that the bridge is still a secret. I was sure they would have figured out where Rush was by now? One thing that surprises me is that no one during this episode reflects on that there was two alien prisoners. Chloe starts behaving erratic, suffering from memory gaps and scribbling alien writ in her diary allegedly caused by an alien pathogen. Come on! The aforementioned horse traders come to mind when we learn who really scribbled that corridor seen in the promo full of equations . Then he has the tenacity to blame all the random jumps Destiny does on Chloe! I am starting to think the blue aliens where kittens taken over by the evil Dr Rush and forced to work on a plan to take over Destiny, at least in my dark moments. That man is a … which is exactly the kind of emotional roller coaster the show writers want you to take. I liked that one, not Rush character. I found other role reversals more difficult to swallow though.

Scott and Chloe have a gender reversal. Matthew wants to have the relations talk, where are we, with our relation? Would you even be with me if we where not here …

The drama with the Lucian Alliance continues to unfold. Greer and a jerky Lucian seems bent on confrontation after the Colonel let them out under escort.

I would say this was a typical SGU episode, not so much wow and action. More drama and a few surprise turns. I expected much more of this episode which is my own fault. I expected Firefly and got SGU, I blame the promo. It could never have been my own wishful thinking.

Next week promises more horse trade promos. See for yourself.

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